Larger Thumbnails for tours, or expandable

I have a really difficult time seeing the content of the thumbnails when I'm making up a highlight reel. It would be great if they were larger, or even better would expand when hover over them, or click on them. Recently did a country store and was next to impossible to differentiate where I was in the store on the thumbnails (and I have a 27" monitor)



  • Great suggestions, @overandabovephoto. It would have to be an added feature, as you said. I like the idea of having it magnify or expand when you rollover it with the cursor. Larger monitors will only show more thumbnails, but won't make them any bigger to see more clearly. Until this feature does get implemented, what I would recommend is naming all the Snapshots to help you differentiate between them.

  • Thanks for the reply. Hadn't considered renaming. Will give that a try.

  • I definitely agree - the small size of the thumbnails makes the highlight reel a lot slower than it needs to be. A larger preview in the right hand side of the screen would be ideal (or in a separate browser window if you're working with dual monitors).

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