For the creation of the slideshow being able to set the start and finish point to the pan of each room. Very frustrating not being able to control where the camera turns and what it looks at between stops.

Allow the user to set the start point (capture photo) then set the pan to right or left. This way you can predict where the composition will fall. This is more towards a video concept than photography. Composition of movement would be some much better if you can control the outcome. Most times the pan goes in the wrong direction towards a wall or away from the better composition. It would be a more professional feature is controls were added.



  • Hi all,

    Indeed this is a hot topic and many conversations here at Matterport have been based on this very issue. Currently, the panning in a walkthrough guided tour can either be left on or turned off by using the link parameter "&kb=0". However, that is a global setting and, unfortunately, there's no way to have some on and others off.

    The panning may seem random and without control at times, but it really isn't. While the intention was to make it automatic and as easy as possible for anyone to create something that would otherwise require much editing and configuration, this does leave some more advanced users interested in getting back some of the control known in traditional video editing applications.

    To have better control over the direction of the pan, when capturing your Snapshots, it's important to think about where, in relation to this snap shot, will be the next one. The way panning is calculated is the pan is about 45° and moves in the direction of the next snapshot. One thing you can do is before capturing a Snapshot point the view port directly at the scan position from which you intend on capturing the next Snapshot. Then use the left or right arrow keys to more the view port in the opposite direction you want to pan for about 45°. Meaning, if I want to pan across a room from right to left, I'll start by looking directly at the next scan position in my guided tour and use the right arrow key to move the view port about 45° That way, the pan will be to the left, in the direction of my next scan position.

    It's best practice to finish the pan looking at the next scan position the visitor will be guided to.

    Until we can implement better pan editing tools, I really hope this information helps.

    -The Matterport Team

  • Hi @wayne,

    You can either have all the positions pan or none of them pan by using the url parameter, "&kb=0." By default, they all pan, as you know. However, if you don't want panning at all add &kb=0 to the end of your 3D Showcase link.

    For examples on which direction the pan will turn, see my article about panning here.

  • Hi @Steve You have my vote!

  • Hi big vote from me

  • Agreed - I have a client who wants the walkthrough, however wants to stop with panning altogether in places. "Can you get it to stop panning?" - Or asking to stop panning on a certain stop. When you change the highlight reel also the panning changes to a different direction from last edit.

  • I've thought about this as well - glad you suggested.

  • I'm in too

    I prefer slide shows for the larger properties as the distance between rooms is too long for a quided tour.

    When you take the snap shot it would be nice to know the direction of the pan.

    For now I have jsut turned paning OFF using the parameter &kb=0


    BUT I would prefer to have paning to allow full viewing of each space

  • Thank you @Matterport-Amir, it would really help to have tutorial video on this or add the panning options to the workshop tutorial.

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