VR Navigation

When viewing big models in VR, it can be very disorienting and it takes a lot of time to navigate through everything.

I´d like to see a sub-menu, like "look up for navigation menu" and then you get an overview of links to each rooms or USP´s. This could be populated with URL´s to the spheres you´d like to fast-track to.



  • Oh, that's a great idea, @Robin Lycka! Are you envisioning a list of links/"table of contents" window that would expand/shrink depending on user actions?

  • @MP-Scott I`m not sure exactly what would be the best way to solve the VR-UI for this, but yes something like that.

    I can rephrase it to a user story that the developers usually like : "As a VR explorer, I would like to get an overview and navigate quickly to other parts of the property without needing to walk through all of the stops."

  • @Robin Lycka, ahh, I see you're familiar with the lingo! :-) Great, that makes sense, thank you!

  • Great idea. Right now we are breaking our large models (20,000SQFT) into smaller models and placing them into collections. I think having an option to link models at a particular point in the model would be a great idea and use the collection for one of the things it was developed for.

    To explain it more. It would be similar to a Mattertag in that we could place a indicator of some sort on a wall, door, or window and that would link to a point in the other model. The other model would have a corresponding link back to the spot you left from. Like a portal in many of the games I used to play...

    This would help a lot if you are not wanting to describe the entire facility due to security issues, but still want to show off the pertinent parts of the model.

  • One other thing that would be useful is if we could do the same or something similar for the 360 views.

  • Is there a way to change the color of the VR viewfinder? For example from grey to yellow?

  • Hello @floriwagner

    When you say "viewfinder" are you referring to the gaze cursor? The little circle that flies through the space as you move your head?

    If so, currently no, there is not way to change the color of the gaze cursor or any of the other UI elements. However, with the new Matterport VR Software Development Kit (SDK) we are building, those with app making experience will eventually be able to build their own apps that incorporate Matterport spaces. This would allow for custom UI and colors. For more information on our VR SDK please see our SDK website here.

    The current White/Gray coloring came about after a lot of internal and external testing. We needed something that would stand out and be easy to see, but also not distract the user when they were looking around the room. We went through many iterations and found the two tone approach worked the best.

    If the cursor was only white, for example, it would often get lost when looking at walls, or bright windows. Similarly, a black cursor would disappear on dark surfaces. The mix of the two works for most spaces. We also made the cursor a little transparent so that it was easier to focus on what was behind it.

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