Tweak the 'Hide Scan' functionality in Workshop

Is it just me, or now that I can hide scans in Workshop while navigating, I keep hiding scans on accident. It's difficult to navigate with the mouse between panos without inadvertently clicking the hide icon!

It would be VERY nice if the UI could be tweaked either by having a MatterTag like box with options that appears on mouse over -- or having this be a right-mouse click function.



  • Hey Chris, not just you, I have also done this several times and I think the right-mouse click function would be a great solution. It's not a huge nuisance, but I have hidden, reactivated, and then hidden a scan inadvertently at least a couple times when editing each model in Workshop.

  • :) Thanks for adding to this. I just finished 'Workshopping' a tour in the past 10 minutes and did this 4 times. It's a bit tricky.

    I also discovered that if two scans overlap (whoops), the hide scan button can be hard to get at (It wouldn't appear for me at all for both scans when both are enabled)

    See scans 54 and 55. With one scan disabled, the 'hide' icon -will- appear for the visible tour -- but not for the one invisible. I changed my height without disabling.

    And yes, if anyone looks at this, I totally screwed up on scan 53 ... the tanning bed seemed to turn on during my scan and resulted in a weird image that I had to disable despite how valuable this position is. I'll be fixing it next month.

  • This is not the first we have heard of this and agree the UI team should revisit this interface for some tweaking. As for having two scans, one on the other, though you may not be able to hide the bottom scan with this hide option, you can still use the original "Hide" button in the 3D Scans section of the left panel :)

  • Great to hear that you guys hear us! I did use the left panel to hide it :) I think the ability to hide while navigating is a great idea - its just a bit problematic in action.

  • Point taken and totally agree. There are certainly wrinkles that need to be ironed out.

  • I like all the above. For me, just moving the Hide button to be further from the circle would work fine

  • Like a MatterTag inside of Workshop? :)

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