Fire whoever came up with the new Terms / Help Footer

From the last newsletter:

"For a cleaner 3D Showcase interface, we have moved the Terms of Use and Help links to a new footer. Now, your viewers can find all the information they need about exploring your places without interrupting their 3D experience."


The new interface is neither cleaner or helpful to viewers. That big black bar is hideous and our customers will be very unhappy.

You had the design absolutely perfect before. The help button was easy to find and the terms of service was accessible.

Big black transparent bars are a web development concept that was popular a few years ago and like the drop shadow, it is looked down on as BAD design and clutter. Furthermore, UX developers should all be aware that the recommendation for hit targets (buttons) on web are 44px in height. This is 19px.

You also failed to mention in the newsletter that tours embedded with the '&qs=1' option are subjected to an animated Matterport Logo that appears, shrinks and fades. This is also tacky and poorly done.

Lastly, I am very worried that your changes will violate MLS guidelines.

Epic Fail Matterport



  • I would love a rational explanation from Matterport on why there change was necessary. The original announcement alluded to this change helping people to find the help text.

    If this was a courtesy, then allow us to opt out with a parameter. If this was necessary for licensing, investment, etc, reach out to us at our level and let us know what's up.

    The positive spin from Matterport on situations like this is a bit too much of a stretch.

  • Hi @Chris Hickman! Thanks for bringing this up. Just to give you more background, the initial change was driven by the roll out of Quickstart which, as you know, is a much faster launch of Matterport Spaces. We knew this would be important to the community, so we were excited to launch it, but it removed the opportunity for us to brand Matterport. In an effort to maintain the brand, we moved it to the lower bottom right which we considered, as did the customers we shared it with, an innocuous position.

    As we are still growing brand awareness in the marketplace, having some form of visible branding helps to grow the ecosystem overall, which can be a win-win for our customers. We just have to figure out the right balance.

    All of this being said, our team is investigating a number of solutions and we’re hopeful to launch something in Q1, although I have not yet been given any firm dates. Hopefully this response sheds a bit of light. We appreciate your constructive feedback and hearing your suggestions. Thank you!

  • I completely understand the desire to maintain branding during the &qs=1 option.

    The focus group that didn't mind the new design doesn't seem to represent the voices heard here.

    So why not limit the new branding to only display on &qs=1 and restore the old branding otherwise? I believe the issue that we all feel is not that we don't want Matterport branding -- but that we do not like the bar at the bottom of the tour. It's cluttery. Top right is better, floating without the bar. We were all fine with how it was before.

  • Hi @Chris Hickman! Totally register your input and surfacing to the right individuals that are the decision makers. Thank you for taking time to chime in. You will be hearing from us on this topic early next year! ;)

  • Thank you, Sibyl :)

  • I just wanted to comment on this that the new 'disappearing UI' is not a solution for this. I still think that the bar detracts from the overall aesthetic of the tour and that the previous location for the terms of service was fine ... unless you guys have something mindblowing to add to the top right (like a mini map!!!)

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