Creation of a showcase app for Android & iPhone with VR capabilities with the ability to create a desktop link to start the app up directly to a required model or the collection.

Following my discussion with @Matterport-Amir here he suggested I posted the idea here to, hopefully, gain support.

As the title suggests this is proposing the creation of an app for both Android and iPhone along the lines of the iPad showcase app but also with support for VR (Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR)
The ability to easily add a desktop link to the app would be a feature and would allow the user to press the link and fire up the application to go directly to a VR collection either online or already downloaded to the device as per the existing Showcase App.
The last part is key to this being useful to anyone who has a VR collection that they wish to show anywhere without the need for a phone or WiFi signal. Thgis would also make the viewing of models and collections much easier and quicker for non technical users.

Great for using at exhibitions or other locations where signals are often hard to find or slow .

We all know that end users often have short attention spans and if they have to wait what feels like an age for a model to load or be found they often become irritated or lose interest, this app would combat that by having a quick and easy route to the collection and the ability to have the model previously downloaded removes the wait as the model downloads.




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