Publicly available list of all issues and feature requests that the Matterport developers are currently working on.

It would be good to be able to see a master list of all of the issues and feature requests that the Matterport developers have officially decided to add to their task queues.

At the moment we have no way of knowing which ones that they are working on, progress made or prioritization that they've assigned to them.

It would also be great if they would allow the MSP's to be able to vote on feature requests that have made it into the developer's queue in order to help them prioritize the most desired features.

That said, I also think that Matterport should solicit the help of MSP's to test out new features and bug fixes... let us help! :-)

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  • I totally agree that this list should be publicized! at least we know what to expect and when we will get certain fixes and new features? I have been chasing for answers and all I get is " we don't share our future plans or our roadmap"? All other companies do keep their customers informed about future roadmaps except for matterport?

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