Variable Panning AND Tour speeds

Good Day, Happy new Year 2017!

1. Variable Panning and Snapshot speed. (Intra-snapshot)

Panning within tours has pros and cons. This suggestion is about setting panning for individual snapshots AND about adjusting the speed of pand In some spots in certain situations it is simply an irritation / distraction.

Situations like

[a] when a tour traverses space that has already been shown pans just slow down and are perceived as time wasters. Removing a scan from a tour is not an option as clients want their audience to know where the next shot is. Sidenote - the blue line along the floor only available within the 'Walkthrough' was a partial solution but the "weird" (mesh like) changing between images is not a preference.

[b] when a series of, say 6, snapshots are taken to drive a 360 turn in a space the combination with a pan creates hesitations / a 'judder' (client description).

1.1. Need to be able to turn panning off for specific snapshots. Would need to override the &kb=1 parameter.

1. 2. Need to be able to pan faster in some shots and slow it down in others. Normal = 0 with minus and plus 1 and 2 (i.e. 5 speeds) - some views are key features and or are content rich with lots to see while others are relatively empty.

2. Variable Tour speed. (Inter-snapshot)

Some aspects need less coverage time but are necessary nevertheless. There are spaces within spaces that need to be shown but not be dwelled upon. Audiences are becoming accustomed to video that accelerates to very fast then slows to normal. This is driven by video storage space needs, social media limits and increase timelaspe type viewing. This feature would be in addition to the foregoing (Intra-snaphot). Normal tour speed would continue until a specific point (inter-snaphot marker) snapshot when it could be accelerated until another point (marker). In this case, like Labels it should have a view choice trigger.



UPDATE - 2017-01-07

3. Additional Rationale for Variable Inter-snapshot speed.

Background - The ability to do 360 turns at all scan points is probably one of the biggest value differentiations Matterport provides - moving from one 360 to another in a tour is unique (to my knowledge). However this value is lost in an automated tour where we create a 360 turn around but the experience is not good due to jerky movements and variable speeds. To remove the jerky movement we need to turn off panning for the entire tour which then reduces the experience to a fixed photo tour - so it becomes a choice pan or 360. Update 2017-01-11: Jerky movement is caused by the combination of a pan at one speed ending abruptly followed by the turn to the new image at a different speed.

Currently we need to create a 360 turn around by creating a series of images. This can range from 3 snaphots (separated by more than 180 degrees) to dozens of snaphsots with varying speeds. There are PROS to the created 360 turn around.

PRO - You can select the centre of that image so that when the turn occurs it centres where you want it to direct attention and remove the pano-edge-distortion from the selected centre of focus.

PRO - You can select the number of images so Showcase can 'turn' past uninteresting space.

CON - too few Images (Centres of Focus) and the swing is too fast - too many and the tour is too slow for audience attention span. The ideal number depends on how big the space is and how much content there is to be shown.

The introduction on a variable 'inter-snapshot' tour speed (above) in addition to allowing specific snapshots to have variable to no pan would enable greater value. @Matterport-Amir

UPDATE - 2017-01-11

4. Pan Range Adjustment - In addition to variable speed of pans from OFF and 5 speeds discussed in 1.1 and 1.2 above the ability to adjust the range of a pan would be extremely useful for showing off more on one side but less on the other. Typically in a tour you would like to have the Snapshot image at the key feature and or direction of the tour. The ability to adjust the Pan through 48 degrees in 6 degree steps (i.e. Minus - 24 through 0 (zero) to Plus +24 degrees) so that, for instance, we could pan to right or left only or more to one side than the other. This would only be set for snapshots that need to deviate from the default / global parameter.






  • Hi @simonmodera,

    I totally agree more control over specific Highlights in the reel would be great. As you know, right now it's either on or off whether it's panning or the amount of time at each position. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but aside from kb=0 or kb=1, you can set the amount of time the visitor is at every Highlight before moving on to the next. Try playing with the st=[time] parameter with your Showcase link. For example, if 3.5 seconds is too fast, you can add "&st=5000" for 5 seconds instead. The "st" value is in milliseconds.

    Of course, as with any other parameter, it's all or nothing. At least, however, it's something until we get the ability to customize the time for each Highlight.

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  • I realize that I'm way late to this discussion but only today have I encountered a real messy guided tour that I am in no way, shape or form proud of. The panning is all wrong, it swings where it should swang, the mesh is ugly. I appreciate that we can fiddle with the parameters but come on guys, the ability to control these tours is critical to our success in the market place. My time is my money and I don't care to spend it splitting parameter hairs. This is an awesome technology. I believe in this product and I believe in Matterport or I would not have made this investment. Please, give us better control over the end product. I cannot tell my customer "this is the best your 500 bucks can buy". I know every agent in this town, they are all my friends. I simply won't do that.

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  • I certainly understand your frustration and agree that a few manual controls would be helpful when running into this situation. I'm not sure if you've seen this article, but it explains the logic behind the pan direction so you can know what side of the room to start the pan.

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