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I am a small business doing matterport scans and one of the things that my clients have enjoyed is the analytics I provide on a weekly basis to show how their matterport tour is performing. I think the key metrics provided are great but what I have to do manually is generate a picture over time for them as the options of lifetime, past 30 days and last 7 days are not giving enough of a picture to my clients of the trends and how the model is performing. I would like to see if possible an option to show the metrics over a chosen period of time that will give a more detailed look at how the model is performing. Why I would like to see this is that not all of my clients are realtors. This means that they are actively running campaigns promoting their matterport tour via social media and the like and they are asking for a detailed view of the analytics to be able to understand how that campaign is performing. They can get metrics from their social media account but it does not drill into unique users. Given the data will be stored somewhere I am wondering if it is possible to get a graph over time created in the analytics section so that visitor numbers by day or week can be understood. Currently I manually create a weekly graph that maps impressions over users and unique users as that gives a good indication of how effective the model is, it would be great if this could be automated.



  • Great point, @dave! I'm not quite clear, though:

    - You want to be able to set a specific date range, correct?

    - And it sounds like be able to see the referral source for the view, true?

    - Anything else I'm missing?

    This may be a silly question, but does it make sense to use Google Analytics for the latter? I don't know the answer, but we are trying to hit the spot so we build the features our users need, without re-inventing tools that others have already created. Thoughts?

  • Hi @MP-Scott I hope I can elaborate further with the challenges I face which perhaps others are also facing. There are some significant differences between countries from what I can understand by following different forums. It seems that in America a lot of the traffic for real estate sales is coming from individual page listings created by MSP's. I too try to create these pages mainly for SEO purposes as there is really only one or two websites here in Australia that people visit to find properties for sale. On a project that is not a real estate listing I am able to utilise Google Analytics for in depth analysis. Unfortunately when listing a property on the major real estate search engines I lose the ability to track and follow a models results. The only way I have to track the performance of the model is to manually capture the results from the admin interface so that an understanding of performance over time can be created. I am not too concerned with where the traffic is coming from ie. the referral source. What I would really like to be able to display quickly and easily is the three metrics already captured: Impressions, Visits and Unique Visitors but display this as a function of time. My wishlist item would be to be able to see average view duration of the model as well. Please see below for a simple example of what I would like to achieve:

    The important information that my clients like to see is specifically the ratio of returning visitors. This I take as being the percentage of Unique Visitors versus total visitors. Having this information over time (weekly is adequate) the clients can understand the activity of their model. For example in the instance above the first two weeks of a listing are paramount as on this listing (and some others) It is the period that most traffic is generated. However as you can see from below some other models take time to get traction.

    By having this insight my clients (the realtor) can see what impact a change in price has, a promotion through social media, a listing in the local newspaper etc. Not all methods of promotion are able to be measured with Google Analytics as often the majority of the traffic to a model is from a 3rd party website that neither I nor the agent controls. Yes these websites provide metrics but again it is not controlled by me and therefore I am not able to add value to my clients by being the supplier of results for a model I have created.

    YouTube has adequate metrics for Videos I have created. I would love it if Matterport could offer something similar. The information you would have already captured. Would be fantastic if there was a way we could graphically represent it. Just takes one of the time consuming aspects of a service I offer my clients away from me and allows more time for creating new models :). Hopefully not reinventing the wheel but simply modifying the way information that is already captured can be accessed.

  • Brilliant description and write-up, @dave! This makes sense, and it really helpful for us in understanding the need behind the feature request!

  • @Dave I agree with all the above. Statistical reporting needs to be automated as tracking, compiling, reporting is very time intensive and has potential for errors. When an MSP has 30-100 models it is doable, but hundreds/thousands of models is impossible without labor/$$$ commitment.

    I would also like to be able to:

    1)compare model statistics to regional, national and global averages to see how clients are doing at marketing the Space

    2) identify each model's type with the default being Real Estate. Types such as commercial, hospitality, retail, etc. A real estate site might get from 30-200 views while a retail site may generate thousands.

  • I think having Google Analytics integration would be great. Most of my clients are familiar with it and have their own accounts. They could give me their code and we could include it when working in the Showcase. Thanks

  • Great idea, @josh! Thanks!

  • Apologies for not responding @MP-Scott I missed the message that you had responded :).

    To answer your follow up questions:

    - The current choices of 7 days, 30 days and lifetime are perfect for what I wish to be able to achieve and show clients.

    - The referral source is not so important. For models I am showing on my website I see enough data through GA. It is really to capture a total picture of the performance of the model.

    A real wish list item for me would be that I could then export the data as well in a csv or excel format so that I can upload onto the dedicated pages I have for my clients on my website as I do not give them access to my matterport account. The ability to capture a quick snapshot of a graph as illustrated in initial post is important for quick enquiries and the ability to export the data is important to provide analytics for my clients on my website quickly and somewhat automatically or with as little human interaction as possible. Adding value to my clients is what will keep my business growing and allow further model creation.

  • I see it's been a while since this was addressed and it appears that nothing has changed in the Stats available hosted Models. So - I want to toss in my 10 cents, as I feel, and anyone who is targeting sophisticated clients realizes, this isn't a "want", it's a real "need" if you want to be seen as a real Pro.

    The MSP community has been asking for better analytics for quite some time. I know this information already exists in Matterport's own database so I’m not sure why more hasn't been done in this area. The best way to increase sales for us MSP’s is to be able to show all the value a Matterport Tour has to offer. I have to be able to answer the question: How do I know if my investment in a 3D showcase is being utilized? There is so much valuable data you are already collecting that I need to be able to access and manipulate as I need, or at the very minimum, we need more than we are currently given - as that is just a cumulative view of activity in 2 views - weekly or lifetime which, quite honestly is weak.

    Think about if - you just paid me to shoot a property and all I can provide you is: Impressions, unique visitors, and visits? Honestly, if it's my property - I’d certainly want to know more besides just that - how about:

    • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual.
    • Selectiable range: from-to dates
    • Viewers average time spent in (min & sec)
    • Reports which include the numbers as well as graphs.
    • The option to run a report and email info automatically, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

    With this type of information, I can really justify the cost and annual hosting fees for me and my clients. It will really make our pitch so much more valuable than - besides " you should use this cool technology, customers will love it."

    Everyone wants to make sure their $ investment is providing a return. ROI is Key, and to be able to justify their investment with stats will not only get them to become a client but retain them for the long-term.

    I see that a competitor has done a lot of that already - Matterport is the King in this space and they just gotta step up their game to remain so. Here's what iGuide is providing - (

    I really think there's a missed opportunity here - Matterport already has this - sitting there untapped. Like gold.

    Love to get your feedback and hopefully some info that Matterport is going to provide more soon.


  • I would have to agree with Phil. This is something that needs to be addressed NOW. A client of mine just sent me the iGuide analytics asking if we provided anything similar because their clients are asking for it.

    This is massively important to our credibility as operators and business owners.

  • @samgaetz iGuide analytics are pretty sweet! I see no reason why Matterport could not provide a bit more detail to the analytics that they already gather. I believe they use the MixPanel platform via API to capture data - so I believe there's quite a bit they could do. Specifically - allowing us to see a date range to break apart the stats would be great. In addition, it would be excellent if we could generate a feed of the stats from workshop or dare I ask, set up a recurring stats mailer. Matterport could always offer this as an add-on feature.

  • Be great if this would be addressed! I agree with all of the above. My clients are asking for this and it could be a deal breaker as they get a detailed description from of all the activities that have been going on on thier "classic 360-tours" i.e who has viewed what room for how long. Be great to get an update on this. Thanks luke

  • Is there any update or anything in the pipeline for this feature (in dept space analytics)?

    I'd like to see:

    • Scan location visits and time spent
    • Mattertag visits and time spent

    If you're not working on these, is there an API on the works we can develop such analytics with?


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