Next Generation Matterport Camera

Not sure why no one has posted this, but I'm ready for the next generation of Matterport.

I'm ready for higher resolution images. I'm ready for better quality images. I'm ready for faster scanning. I'm ready invest more into a platform that is redefining the 'Virtual Tour'.

I'm ready for a Matterport Camera that isn't an array of 3D Webcams - that instead uses fisheye lenses to capture zenith and nadir and is smaller.

What Matterport has done with the now 2-3 year old camera is absolutely remarkable. Newer, leaner solutions do not provide the amazing 2D/3D blend. There's no automated system like it on the market.

I cannot wait to see what Matterport will do with a next generation product.



  • Maybe it could also use multiple (e.g. two) fisheye lenses, both for better understanding of 3D and for improving image quality (by software, integrating information from both the two, that would be set differently in order to gather different information). Though, sure there are patents that some subjects hold for these kind of techniques, so that would not be just a R&D team matter.

  • I have got to say ... I'm testing the new firmware (I don't believe this is a secret / NDA thing) ... and the results FELT like I'd shot my tour with a new camera. If Matterport succeeds at reducing scan time to be even less than what it was before, I'm going to feel like I have a next generation Matterport Camera.

  • Glad to hear it, @Chris Hickman! We're ensuring we get similar positive feedback from other users, before it goes into wide release.

  • @Chris Hickman the next generation has been released! Did you see the phab2 compatible with project tango and Matterport mobile 3D Capture! HeHeHe

  • @suttellej :) Yeah, it's the opposite of what we expected :). Love that Matterport took the opportunity to be first with Tango!

  • When it comes to scanning outdoors in lighting conditions that the camera can handle (in 3D scan mode) the image resolution is just not good enough.

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

    The image quality isn't terrible but it could be so much better.

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