Ability to pay for additional collaborators WITHOUT changing your hosting subscription

It would be nice to be able to pay for the option of adding more collaborators to your existing hosting subscription WITHOUT having to commit to the next hosting subscription level.

I'd much rather be able to add 3rd party collaborators (and be billed for each one added) than to have to go up to the next level of monthly hosting subscription.

This allows both me and Matterport to earn additional money from clients who want this extra level of access & control of their models.

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  • My business model relies on long term hosting and at present my client's are not happy that they currently don't have a solution to them taking control over the long term subscription of their models. They are spending big money with me and are concerned that should the situation arise where for what ever reason I cant continue to host their models they should be able to take on the subscription The client should surley have the ability to pay for their own individual hosting without having to buy a full 100 model minimum subscription.

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