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With the bulk of my work needing long term hosting with of a minimum 2-3 years for non real estate clients Im finding it increasingly difficult to convince some potential clients that their hosting is safe in with my company despite being a sole trader . The truth is despite making back up plans in my will and communicating to my partner the instructions to continue paying my Matterport subscriptions in the event that I get hit by a bus isn't good enough and my clients are quite rightly asking for a more secure solution. I asked this similar question last year and I understand that Matterport have some things in the pipeline regarding self hosting for clients. Has this idea evolved beyond discussion yet ? If I can offer this service I would be able to sign up many more large contracts who are currently holding off from commissioning my work due to their lack of ability to have hosting control on the work they have paid for. Matterport - Do you have a time frame when you think you will be able to implement the self hosting plan for clients?

EDIT - Just to clarify - When I say self hosting I should really be saying self subscribe to a individual host subscription with Matterport.. Im not suggesting that the clients should self host on their own server but they should be given the option of being able to take control of their own individual model hosting subscription without having to rely on me having an ongoing subscription with Matterport.



  • Matterport currently allow anyone to buy a hosting package for $49 per month. However, there is still no option to run your own server and host models yourself. I can't see your clients being too concerned about leaving their models in the cloud with Matterport.

    That said, I personally think that it's unfair for anyone to be able to get a hosting package for the same price as what the camera operators pay (after all we we had to buy the cameras and start businesses in order to get the $49 per month deal). I suggest that Matterport charge a lot more for non-camera owners who want to sign up for just hosting packages. I also think that it would be fair that some of that revenue should be shared with the original camera operator who created those models. Otherwise, I feel that Matterport is essentially stealing your long term hosting clients. This may not seem like a big deal but if you have enough of those clients then you can actually earn a decent monthly revenue stream without having to continuously run around scanning new properties all the time.

    See this thread for more info:

  • Thanks for our input ssquires32 - My clients are not asking for control of the physical hosting as Im sure Matterport are far more capable of maintaining their servers with $61 million worth of investment and Im sure they are much better placed to maintain their servers than I am . But I do share my customers real concerns that they are asking for some reassurance that if I get run over by a bus tomorrow how can they ensure their hosting does not die along with my Matterport subscription and how can they ensure they can have access to the models if I decide to leave Matterport in a few years from now? Its only fair that my individual clients should have the option to pay for the annual fee of individual models without having to rely on me being alive or an an active paying customer of Matterport. I don't want to be tied into this product/subscription for 5 years just because a few clients require their models to exist for 5 years . Do you see my point?

  • It is possible to transfer Spaces between accounts and as @ssquires32 mentioned, when the time comes, your clients would be able to create their own account and have their Spaces transferred there.

    That said, this process usually requires the written consent of both parties. Therefore, if you are hit by a bus, getting your consent would be much more complicated. I suppose you could leave someone with your email credentials so when you/they get the request to authorize the transfer, they can easily reply.

  • The main reason for a custom hosting from our point of view is that here in europe / germany especially government related companies like e.g. museums have this as mandatory requirement - costs is not the main reason. They would also pay hosting for a hidden model on the MP cloud, but also need the option to host it within their intranet or local server environment.

  • Personally Im not so concerned with the physical location of where its hosted. Im perfectly happy with Matterport's hosting service. What would be more use full is for my clients to be able to pay Matterport direct for ongoing individual model hosting without having to undertake an entire 100 model minimum account. My clients are demanding that they control their own subscription and life span of the model and want some security that they can continue to access their models if Im no longer alive or a subscriber to Matterport.

  • I think that the solution is to allow the MSP's to sign up their clients as "3rd party collaborators" for just their own specific models (and pay a small amount each month to do so for each one).

    In order to define your client as a collaborator they will need be given their own accounts (based on email address and their own password just like the MSP's do).

    If the MSP fails to pay the monthly fees associated with a particular collaborator's account and the MSP cannot be contacted THEN Matterport should contact the 3rd party collaborator directly and give them the option of taking over the account directly.

    This would fix the possible problem of a small business MSP getting hit by a bus for example.

    Any thoughts? :)

    Please LIKE this post if you agree!

    P.S. I posted this suggestion yesterday asking for the ability to pay for extra collaborators with this exact scenario in mind:

  • This is a much needed service that my business model would benefit from. I have a very large client I can't secure because at present Matterport do not allow them to subscribe long term model hosting solution with out having to spend out on a full 100 model minimum host plan themselves. Surely they should be allowed to pay for and control their own individual model host subscription without having to rely on my subscription. Their model needs to be visible and live on should I get hit by a bus or I get get out of the Matterport game further down the line.

  • Hello,

    Bumped into this post while searching the subject, although it is pretty old..

    Big +1 for the point Jon Nash had raised. As a small business, I for one feel really uncomfortable with becoming a long-time host, just for the purpose of linking an end-customer and Matterport, and I also don't see any reason for that. This is an issue that is being raised all the time by customers and leads, and since clients' interest in having the model hosted where ever they like (which I completely understand why is not possible), both I and them would be much more at ease if we won't have to be bound together for years to come just because of a single model. 

    I think there should be a low-cost basic plan for end-users with a single model. Such plans could even be without access to the workshop, so customers could have more control on their model's life, and businesses could be free from being a mediator host.

    It's worth to add that this issue had worried me from the start, but seeing how it is something we are being asked about a lot all the time, and for some - it's a deal breaker, I truly think this is an issue that deserves a much better solution.


  • For what it is worth, Matterport announced a few months back that it would create the ability to transfer models to customer accounts, pretty much as you described. When I called a while back trying to get a target date, I was told that nobody knew.  When I nagged about this on the Facebook MOUG page, I was informed that this should be coming "soon".  However - this was not a Matterport employee speaking, so who knows what the reality is.

    Bottom line - this should be on the way, but nobody really can say precisely when.

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  • Thank you very much for this info, Edward,

    I probably missed that announcement... I hope this would happen soon, but it's good to know it's on the way.

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  • This is something that should be addressed, it is becoming more and more an issue and the fact that we are losing clients because of this hosting issue is un called for. 

    I have felt from the start that I am working for matterport and not getting much response from them about very important issues we as customers have and are requesting. As this technology becomes more and more useful they will start to see competition. And at that point they may start to listen to us and respond. It is all about making money and a living and if we don't have the support to be able to do this with this product believe me there will be others coming on the market. It is just a simple fact. 

    They need to start listening to our concerns. They are making money hand over fist and it is time that we can do the same by being able to serve our clients with solutions. 

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