Adding "visible" labels to matter tags - such as numbers or words like: "click me!"


I think that it would be very beneficial to have words or numbers appear next to the matter tags.

The user should have the capability to toggle them on or off though.

A good "use case" example for this is for a restaurant with many tables inside of it.

The user could then easily see which table number is which.

Ideally, you could then link the matter tag to an online booking system so that the user could see the upcoming availability of that table.

Online table booking is only one use for this though.

I can easily see museums wanting to tag objects in their exhibits with some basic information that would appear beside each tag.

The amount of information appearing next to the matter tag would have to be limited of course but it should be enough information to give the user a rough idea of what other information or URL is associated with that matter tag without having to actually click on it.

If anyone else agrees then please like this post! :-)





  • This aligns well with previous MTag requests for different icons, colors, etc.

  • Another vote here for having the ability to actually see the content of the MTag within Screenshots and the Highlight Reel. Please consider this an option to enable or disable in the Workshop!

  • Great idea. A friend of mine has an app for bars, restaurants that allows the owner set up marketing wthl deals on meals etc and Google i-tag. Your idea links with this. Lets hope lots of MSP's like & vote

  • Very interesting idea and way of integrating a Matterport Space into the reservation industry.

  • Having the ability to have text or our own icons as MatterTags would be phenomenal.  Please add the feature!

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