Uploading photos

I'd like to upload DSLR or iPhone photos into my highlight reel. This could be photos of ourside or places that are hard to scan.



  • Cool idea! I'll pass that onto our Product team. They might jump into the conversation if they have additional questions.

  • Is there a way to do this?

  • Not currently, @pcooper978 -- but definitely "Like" this feature if it's important! More likes = more important = higher priority on our list.

  • Any word on if Matterport will be adding this feature? Like iguide where you can upload your dslr images is a must!

  • It would be a great way to add outdoor springtime shots to an indoor winter tour

  • I agree this would be very cool, but I haven't heard anything yet about something like this being in the production pipeline.

    We should all keep upvoting, however, to get it in there.

  • It's really easy. Here's how you do it.

    Print out large poster-board sized copies of the images you want to use. Then setup a gallery in the space that you are shooting with each of the images you are scanning. Scan the gallery as 360 views.


    (yes, this is rather stupid)

    +1 on being able to upload photos -- would be great to embed them in MatterTags or add to the highlight reel.

  • Any news on this?  Would still be a great feature. 


  • I want to add a photo from my DSLR to be the main image when you see my space, how can this be done, and also how do I add DSLR Images to my space.


    Thanks for your help and advice

  • How do I change my main image on the space when the space is sent to you

  • Hi Paul,

    I just wanted to let you know I answered your above question on a thread here:

  • Hi, any update on this? Will be great new feature to have.

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