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Seems to me that processing to video would be a great added component to help in the marketing of models on video sites and social networks. If Matterport would process a video format ready for download and post this would be a great marketing tool for us MSP's. Video capture software does not really pick up the quality that is needed and is time consuming. What are the chances of this happening? .



  • Would like to see an example but nice idea!

  • Why not just take a video camera with you on your scan? I get what you are saying, but I'd rather see operators doing this on their own rather than MP committing resources to it. I'm sure they see the value in video since their own ads are converted to it, but still. What video capture apps have you tried?

  • @airbornejon

    The more Matterport can do for me the easier my life will be. I do not know how to shoot and edit video on a professional level, therefore, I am looking for a quick professional solution and if Matterport can process that for me in one sequence I will be a very happy camper.


  • Cool idea, @Rick Lozano! This is certainly possible, though a bit complex. Two questions:

    1.) What would you want to do with the videos? YouTube, Facebook, other?

    2.) Would you want the video based off the guided tours you create (so you'd have more control over the video's behavior), or would you want a system that could create a video with no input from you at all (but knowing it would not always give the exact results you wanted, as a result)?

    Love your thoughts, and anyone else's!

  • @matterport-ScotS

    you nailed it! Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and clients websites this is added value from my perspective. Would be great to have some edit options, but would settle for video tour gathered from highlight snapshots.

  • Hi @Rick Lozano - great question! Actually, I've seen some really cool videos created by MSPs. While they do the editing themselves, you can technically use our system and do screen capture and do simple edits using Quicktime. Here's a whole support page on how to do it:

    Also, here's an interesting example of what an MSP did in creating a video from the 3D model:

  • Hi @MP-Scott

    I believe this may have been requested previously? There are a few applications but in essence its advertising for us or our clients. The key here is flexibility. We need to be able to make video of a tour, perhaps a few tour version, download them, edit, add voice overs (maybe several different versions / languages), music, other sourced video (e.g. product close ups, Text Slides), headlines trailers etc. Some deployments:

    1. Social Media. Being able to create sub-30 second / sub-50Mb mp4 files for use in social media.

    2. MSP or Client Web sites or Client TV adverts: Make different versions of the walk through / slideshow. Currently experimenting for a client with and without staff in an office space. They want video for their sites and advertising agencies. Need same ability to edit for music and or voice over. Right now they are weighing up whether to use a film make / video-grapher rather than my work using Matterport.

    All of this advertises the Virtual 3D Tour capability by extension.

  • In regards to making video's using a screen capture and the Highlight Reel: The tip in the Highlight Reel Guide mentioned by Sibyl above is really good. Creating a Reel takes only a few minutes, and by using the Guided Tour the recording step is quick and simple. And for a basic video, very little editing. Might be a nice add-on or premium.

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