Metric system for the floorplan



  • Couldn't agree more! I wish we already had this for our international members and I'm sure it's something we will resolve as our international community grows.

  • When will floor plans in Metric units be available ?

    Can you also specify the name of each room in the floor plans ?

  • Unfortunately, there's really no telling when metric units will be implemented in the floor plans at this time. However, the name of each room should be in the floor plan. If a name in the plan isn't as it should be, please document the change and send it to to have the PNG and PDF files updated.

  • Hey Amir, is there any update on this? would prefer to use yours rather than outsource

  • This feature is now available. Thank you Matterport team.

  • Hi Lindsay, Yes, and sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. We do now support Metric measurements in the floor plan outputs. YAY!!!

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