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Webinar Topic: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Successful MSP

Date: February 1, 2017

Time: 11 am PST


We’ve put together a refresher course to help you kick off 2017 right. Everything you need to know to be a successful MSP will cover:

  • Program material access
  • Matterport basics and best practices
  • Establishing your Matterport services
  • Incorporating Matterport into your business
  • Selling your services
  • How to measure Success, iterate, and expand your Matterport business

Matterport Announcements: VR for iOS

Press Release: Matterport Virtual Reality (VR) Content Now Available on Apple iPhone

Video: CoreVR Virtual Reality for Business

Blog: Sharing Multiple VR Spaces with Matterport VR Collections

Earlier this week we announced the availability of Matterport VR for iOS! As an MSP, you can now offer Virtual Reality to your clients with both iPhone and Android devices.

If you are an iPhone user or have prospective clients with iPhones, we encourage you to use this feature as an incentive to bring in new business!

Haven’t started using VR as a part of your pricing package yet? Consider incorporating add-ons like this to your standard MSP services for new revenue streams.

If you'd like to help spread the word: this infographic gives a glimpse of how VR is transforming the way people experience the world, andour video illustrates some of the exciting business applications being fueled by Matterport VR content. For more information, download ourGrow Your Business with Matterport Virtual Realitywhite paper.

Get started today with VR for iOS today by downloading the Matterport VR app from the App Store. Don't forget: all your Spaces are available in VR for FREE until June 30, 2017!

MSP Success Stories: Tell Us!

Have a great client win or success story? Tell us about it! As a part of our 2017 roadmap, we’re looking to curate content that features our network of MSPs. We want to highlight your fantastic work and help promote your business.

Stories could qualify for a Matterport sponsored case-study, placement in a major publication, featured guest blog, or even press release! Email with the subject line "My MSP Story" today!

MSP of the Month | Lisa Hinson | 5D Photography

This month we're highlighting Lisa Hinson of 5D Photography, a trusted MSP headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are particularly impressed with the quality work that Lisa has consistently produced during her tenure as a Matterport Service Partner. She began her scanning business specifically in real estate but has since discovered many additional industries following the completion of her highlighted scan, Manderfield on Canyon Road.

Described as “having an elevation in the Indian or the Spanish type of the Santa Fe style of Architecture," the Manderfield School building is a historical structure in Santa Fe designed by John Gaw Meem, one of the most famous and influential architects in New Mexico’s history. The original school was converted to 5 residential condos, and the condos were completed in such a thoughtful and beautiful manner that Lisa could not resist when she was approached to scan them.

“The Manderfield condos are very special to those of us that cherish Santa Fe’s historical values and it’s a testament to everyone involved on the project because they were able to maintain so many of the original specifications in the school house,” said Lisa. This project was the perfect intersection of her background in real estate scanning and desire to expand her Matterport skills to new industries like art, design, film, and architecture. Numerous establishments and designers from New Mexico staged the condo with beautiful art, furniture, and decor -- so much so that Lisa described it as “feeling like you’re in an art gallery.” At approximately 2,600 square feet, the entire scan took Lisa approximately three hours in order to be make sure she captured every historic detail and piece of character the property had to offer.

Lisa discovered some tips and tricks for scanning this property in one of our favorite spots: the Matterport Community! Another MSP shared a fantastic tip about leveraging ‘closet peeks’ and Lisa tried it out for the first time during this scan. The technique: when entering a room, viewers will see the Space with all closet doors closed. As they navigate through the Space and step up to a closet, it is open so the viewer can get an inside look, or “peek.” The flow and overall look of the scan using this technique without open doors resulted in a much cleaner, streamlined walkthrough for her realtor’s viewers.

Lisa is very proud of the Santa Fe community’s reception of the model and how it turned out, but is most proud of the review given to her by her listing agent: “Well I’ll be damned! It’s one thing to walk around a property you aren’t that familiar with. It’s a complete hoot to see something I know so intimately like this. Wow! Thank You Lisa!”

To tour Manderfield on Canyon Road, click here:

About 5D Photography:

5D Photography has been an MSP since January, 2016. The name 5D Photography was chosen for the following reasons: the Matterport Dollhouse is really something out of this world, Lisa’s fondness of this Rod Serling quote: "There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man ... "

To learn more about 5D Photography, visit

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