make scan circles darker/more visible/easier to view

transparent white scan circles are extremely difficult to view on neutral floors and floors that have glares on them. I know where the scans are since I did the scan but it's still very difficult to see them!



  • Actually, I would like to bring this one up a level. Make scan circles and the mouse navigation circle customizable. This way we could be more inclusive of the customer's brand colors.

  • I agree and a custom color and transparency would be cool. It may also not be very obvious, but navigating a Space doesn't require clicking on the circle. As long as you click in the direction you want to move and there's a circle somewhere in that direction, you'll move to the nearest circle in that direction.

  • The white circles are not easy to see in workshop floor plan view with some floor  patterns. If they could be designed to stand out more that would be a great improvement!

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