Mesh view gaming controls ;)

Hello everyone, we are new to Matterport from the UK, this is our first week. I will do an intro post soon.

So today I discovered Mesh view in the workshop. I was very glad to see that via this view we are not fixed to viewpoints and can move around the space without just scan point restrictions like you would in CAD. Now, this might already be on the cards but something I could definitely see of use for the commercial spaces would be some additional controls in the mesh view.

Currently, from what I can see we can do;

- move forwards

- move back

- pan left

- pan right

In addition to these controls, I would like to see;

- move left

- move right

- move down incremental (crouch)

- move up incremental

- jump

- shoot

(ok, ok the last two are too far, but it does have a doom feel to it, lol)

Going on from this, when you have the view in a position. I would like to be able to peek at the photos, overlayed on the mesh and take a snapshot. For us in CCTV, this would be useful to show a snapshot from a camera in a set position, here is what the camera would be looking at.



  • Would be great to easily turn your Space into a first-person video game. Great find with some of these controls. There are some more hidden controls you may want to play with.

    Spacebar - Jump

    C - Crouch

    Up arrow - Forward

    Down arrow - Back

    Left arrow - Turn left

    Right arrow - Turn right

    Q - Turn left

    E - Turn right

    W - Forward

    S - Back

    A - Strafe left

    D - Strafe right

    Have fun :)

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  • The .OBJ file is quite 'lumpy' in both its online and downloadable form as it's quite low resolution.
    It might be an idea to request the Scan Point Data which is much denser and import that into a package like ReCap 360 from Autodesk, which supports colourised point cloud data, where you can move around the mesh freely to place a viewpoint where your CCTV cameras would be and take a screenshot.

    That data is also a better place to work from as its much more detailed than the final tressalated model.

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  • Thanks for the info, I will look into this.

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  • Wow. I never realized you could jump and crouch!!! :) Can we have this added to Showcase? :)

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  • K - see nadir

    I - see zenith

    R - rotate 360 (as does L but it goes right not left)

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  • That would be cool, but there's no way to see the mesh view in Showcase in order to do all these tricks :)

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