Quality setting for mobile dollhouse and floorplan view.

Hello All!

A couple of days ago I realized that the quality of the doll house and floorpan view on a mobile device is very low quality. I reached out to Matterport Support (Quick to respond and helpful, thank you Christine) and only the computer and downloaded version (mobile) will be higher quality.

My concern is that most of the time we are showing perspective clients our crisp and clean downloaded models on our phone or iPad. If they choose to move forward we deliver a product that is not what we showed them. Also id say quite a bit of people are using their mobile device to view it and unfortunately will get a blurry dollhouse and floorpan view.

Hey Matterport I understand its done to load quickly but is there a way to possibly have a option to choose a higher quality view. Something like youtube where you can watch in 240P/360P/720P/1080P etc. I attached a screenshot of a downloaded and Cloud version to compare

Appreciate the feedback!

Aloha =) Travis



  • Maybe we can add a parameter within the iframe HTML code?

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  • I like the idea that the Showcase App would be able to show the higher quality dollhouse as it downloads the data and saves it to the device.... this would be a 'feature' and an advantage to using the app.

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  • You currently can download the data to the app and the image quality is good. The thing is I'm thinking about the average person who is searching for a home or just stumbles upon a virtual tour. They are not going to download the matterport app then download each home to view the dollhouse and floorpan for a clearer view. I think they might just say that those 2 views look really blurry with no detail. A big selling point of this technology is that we are able to view it from a mobile device and its a bummer that its blurry. Don't get me wrong though I love the product as a whole and glad to see the continuous updates to make the product better. Just wishful thinking for my clients and their potential clients.

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