Tagging scan locations

While scanning, it would be nice to be able to add a tag or note with specific information about a scan location. For example, if scanning at a different height to capture missing 3D information, or rescanning an area another day because of an issue might warrant tagging a specific scanning location or locations. This information should pass through into Workshop for reference there.



  • Many times I would have like to make the scan but disable immediately - it was simply made to capture missing information.

  • With this suggestion, you could tag it "HIDE ME" or something similar. :-)

    If you're talking about disabling in the Capture app, that might be problematic. I believe for scan disabling to work in the app, you'd have to be able to turn off either 3D information, photographic information, or both. Otherwise, disabling the scan might exclude it from processing, and you would never get your missing information.

  • YES! this would be great, especially for that purpose. If you could simply flag a scan one of several colors and then in Workshop be able to modify scans based on their flag association it would make it so much easier. For example, if you could somehow say in Workshop to set all the red flagged scans to hide.

    What else, other than show or hide, would you do to several scan positions at once? If hiding or showing is it, maybe only one flag color would be necessary.

    • Rescan location (helps keep track. If you have to scan a large number the Capture map can get confusing)
    • Possible highlight reel location
    • Possible VR locations
    • Extra 3D data scan (although flagging it to be hidden would get the same result)

    I still like the idea of adding Scan Location Notes, simply because of the flexibility. Helps the person using the camera remember why certain things were scanned

  • Nice idea! Love it.

    Notes is great, and maybe short notes would be enough. Tag the location with one or several tags will be great and convenient!

    Imaging you just scan a location, you can add "Possible Highlight", "Low Scan Position", "Add MatterTag" just few clicks.

    Super helpful!

  • Thanks! And by notes, I agree - SHORT notes. They would have to transfer into Workshop to be useful.

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