Abilitiy to see a reference picture during a shoot, to make sure you have a clean scan

I am finding this perplexing why it isnt already a feature on the capture UI. On 360 degree photos, you get a reference picture so you can tell if you picked or framed the correct distance of your photo capture. I LOVE THIS feature so much while I'm shooting exteriors. However, I cannot understand why it isnt available internally. Most of my shoots involve realtors, homeowners, or employees all on site. While I'm quite good at the "hide behind anything that's bigger than your body" for 45 seconds during a scan, my clients, realtors, pets, etc arent quite as good at it. Now I've seen photographers in most models I explored before purchasing a matterport, they got caught in a mirror, or around the corner, etc. I would love a feature from MP that allows me to confirm that a scan is clean before I move on, make sure I don't see myself or a client in the photo.



  • In the Capture app, capture a 3D Scan, then tap the scan location and select Preview Scan. You can check your entire 360 view for any issues that might require a rescan.

  • @ChrisandKaren This feature is so useful - but boy do I wish we could do this while scanning and not have to wait until Capture is inactive.

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