Acknowledgment for Capturing Company

I would like to see a space above powered by Matterport for everyones company logo. This will help everyone get more business and make more money which will help Matterport grow.



  • Good thought! How would this work ideally? Would there be a "Presented By" -- as there is currently -- and a "Captured By"?

  • Yes, but more like the powered by part. Allow us to upload logo so it would look like powered by Matterport. Below presented by, and above powered by.

  • Add feature for different branded links for the same model.

  • @aristepp Could be that a band across the top of the showcase that allows room for everyones 'credits" would get the job done and not be in the way or otherwise annoying.

  • 'Photographed By' would do the trick

  • Any solution yet?

  • This would be a great addition to the Edit Space form as an optional/additional field for "Captured By". Please consider this to help MSP have the visibility they deserve!

  • Yes -- this is a must have.

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