Ability to define an "Area" where a scan should align within

In some types of buildings (hotels for instance) the interiors of a lot of the rooms are identical and can create confusion for the Capture App.

We noticed during a recent job that the Capture App will "align" the scan but place it in the wrong room.

Fortunately, the latest version of the App colors the last scan position a darker blue and it's a bit easier to see when this happens (ideally, it should be colored green to stand out even more).

However, if the user does not notice when this happens then it is very likely that the subsequent scans within that room will end up being placed in the wrong location as well.

During the job in question the Capture App placing at least 30 scans in the wrong locations.

In order to avoid the problem it would be ideal if the user had the option to delineate an area of the model (by drawing a box much like trim lines) to let the Capture App know where the location of where the camera is currently located.

The Capture App would then be allowed to solve for the scan position ONLY within that bounded area (or not solve at all).

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  • I like this request, but I think there may be some issues.

    Currently, the geospatial data captured by the camera define the boundaries of a room. If I scan from a position in the room, and it can't see all the boundaries of the room, how could I delineate the room using your requested feature?

    I wonder if the solution would be instead to allow the user to indicate which previous scan to reference, thus forcing the Capture app to build off of that previous scan's data.

    This method would have its own set of challenges because the user would have to a) know how the feature works; b) understand its impact; and c) know when to use it. It may be something that is off by default and requires a user to enable it before using it.

    Let me know what you think.

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  • I agree that the system should (and probably already does) start with the previous scan position and then try to figure out where the new scan position is relative to it.

    All that we need is for the user to have the option specifying a "fixed" search radius around the previous scan position that would confine the algorithm from looking anywhere else on that floor of the model.

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  • > This method would have its own set of challenges...

    Agree with this. Maybe add this feature as a advance option is a nice idea.

    With this, it would be much easy to avoid align error message.

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