Saved non hosted scans on harddrive to be able to re upload/host at later dates

The ipad 3D Showcase app was a great development and really helps. It also showed that scans can be stored and not hosted.

This technology and most that are using it are doing so for Real Estate and associated industries like accommodation etc. With real estate it is only in the high end rental that seem to be really taking MP showcases on board. I think it would really open up the opportunities for intermittent customers such as when a rental becomes vacant for them to contact us and we can just re instate the saved scan. A lot of people to not like the prospect of having to re pay for another scan when it comes time again. I know that you can keep a scan and just lock it say until needed again but that takes up a hosting slot, where it may not matter for some it may for others.

I'm guessing they may be other advantages that other people find than the above and welcome them to be shared.

My assumption on why MP has not wanted to (I am assuming) give this ability is due to the security of it's stitching technology with providing files. I have no idea if this is the case or not. Though that you are able to on the ipad app gives me a hope that if this is the case there is a work around to be able to have us keep scans on a hard drive. Where the scan has been processed and can then at a request re upload to our hosting service (I'd be fine with some fee like the processing fee even if it's just uploading if it means we got the feature).

If the files were encrypted so not to be fooled with I'd be fine with that also.



  • I agree completely.

    I've had some billing issues due to my bank thinking that Matterport is suspicious (which is silly as recurring payments shouldn't be seen as suspicious) and I was quite scared of losing data.

    There's also the consideration that Matterport has updated their processing platform to where newly submitted tours looked better. It would be nice to be able to keep an archive to resubmit for this reason too.

  • Interesting! I'm not quite clear on what you're after, though:

    - When you say "non-hosted scans", do you mean the Capture data for a Space *before* it's uploaded, or a Space that you have already processed, but no longer want? Or something else?

    - Are you looking "archive" functionality, as a way to save Spaces that you are done with but do not want to delete, and do not want to count against your total Spaces count?

    - Or is it really keep that some/all of the data be available offline? Would it need to be viewable offline too?

    - Or am I totally missing?

    Hope you don't mind all the questions, just trying to understand. :-)

  • @MP-Scott I think it's the ability to save the RAW data as an insurance policy. Not to keep it offline and viewable offline. I know there are quite a few people who make full backups of their iPads via iTunes as it's the only way to do it -- but that's not very practical.

  • Questions are welcomed!

    - When you say "non-hosted scans", do you mean the Capture data for a Space before it's uploaded, or a Space that you have already processed, but no longer want? Or something else?

    I would say both if possible but the RAW data is probably better practice. Though the file in it's processed state would also be good for perhaps the reason being it will be quicker to "upload" back to the MP servers for hosting and maybe even avoid a processing fee again.

    Basically I just want a file I can say save to my hard drive on my computer and then delete the scan from my account on MP cloud and then at a later date be able to upload that saved file to the MP cloud once again to work just as if I had scanned the space again.

    - Are you looking "archive" functionality, as a way to save Spaces that you are done with but do not want to delete, and do not want to count against your total Spaces count?

    Yes, but I want the ability to be able to save the file as above to a hard drive instead of archiving it to a section of the MP cloud. Though! If you are able to do as you stated in this question that would also be desirable for those unable to store the files or not feeling savvy enough etc.

    - Or is it really keep that some/all of the data be available offline? Would it need to be viewable offline too?

    Viewable offline is not really necessary specifically to this in my opinion, though it would not hurt if it could be I guess. It may lend support to the idea of the file stored being a processed one.

    I'll give you an example in how I would use this feature:

    I pitch to a Real Estate to scan a rental property they are about to list to have leased.

    I scan the property and charge them the X amount to do so.

    The property is rented within a week of the scan.

    The property is leased for 8 months then the tenant has given notice they are leaving and now the property comes on the market to be rented again. (A good chance the rental scan is deleted by now)

    The landlord does not want to have to pay again for me to come and scan the property, luckily I have been able to store the file for that properties scan and can now just upload it to the cloud server to take one of my scan spots.

    This repeats as the landlord needs.

    Forward thinking.

    It has been apparent from the start that MP is working towards being a platform for 3D spaces rather than camera hardware in the future, much like the youtube of such spaces. With the release of things like the lenovo phone which uses project tango tech I would assume that MP is positioning to be platform that will stitch and display the files created from such devices. (I hope that you are working on a way to integrate the two devices to create a more full model, under tables etc..)

    In the end there are other similar devices poking their heads out and I think that file accessibility and modification is going to be key to the successor. Allowing to save files is a start in that direction.

  • @Steeeeve Not to sound like a the ultimate Matterport fanboy, but I really don't think that there are comparable 'things' to the Matterport Camera. Project Tango, the GoPro VR/360 thing and Ricoh Theta S are all devices/technologies that are all creating buzz right now, but none of them consitute a 3D Camera and HDR camera system that creates a hybrid tour with dollhouse and floorplan. I totally get where you are coming from though. There's even buzz about Toursler from some weirdos who own Matterports too. That's not a technology though. That's a bunch of dated technology pretending to be something new that doesn't have a natural feel or a nice interface :)

  • Haha I'm a fanboy of MP too!

    There is one piece of hardware that will release soon that may be a real contender which is already being spoken of on other forums (not sure that I should name it hear :/ Nor does this spell doom for MP). But don't get me wrong, MP have done awesome work but, it is inevitable that there will be competing hardware and stitching software eventually, even if that time is not now.

    As far as Tango goes, I don't see why someone cannot make a larger array that does as the MP camera does and adding photo HDR. I am guessing that it is the automated software that is the defining feature of overlaying the photo to the geometry or visa versa which is key. ( I may be wrong, a lot of this is just theories)

    It seems that MP is on top of it though, working with new initiatives like Tango and Intel’s Realsense etc to work in with their apps and software, which is probably why they will not (from what I can gather) head down the hardware camera side with new and upgraded versions.And if a new thing comes out that can do great capture it may actually work in MP's favor.

    Now when that time comes, if someone can offer comparable results but have the ability to edit, touch up and other creative things by having access to the file like you would a video or photo that is appealing to me and something you hear again and again from the community.

  • I've had agents ask me if they can get a file downloaded that they can save on your computer or tablet and keep. I personally don't need all the raw data I just need the final processed version that can be opened on any computer. As a service provider this is something that I could charge extra for also.

  • With multiple cameras, ipads and accounts having a backup service beyond itunes is an extremely valuable option. We have had cases when a home is taken off the market and 6-12 months later reintroduced only to learn the original model or scan has since been deleted. Also too having backup option from ipad would also allow us to to transfer models from one ipad to the next - another extremely valuable option - at least for us.

  • Hey all! Great discussion here, but make sure to LIKE the original post, so it gets higher priority, thanks! :-)

  • I agree with the discussion points. Being able to save all my Captures from my iPad to my drive would be very beneficial as the current process is not practical.

  • We've been talking to a prospect who owns and manage more than 3000 homes. They were very interest on our services. When we told them that saving the "spaces" (after processing) on their own backup devices was not possible they decided to do not go ahead.

    Ipad capacity is limited to 250 Gg. That means that the maximum number of spaces we can save is limited to 250 a 400 spaces. Even if by chance Ipad new models arrive with bigger capacity this type of solution is not very usefull (because we cannot export them from the devices) . More, on a security basis analysis, is not a very reliable solution.

    I wouldnt mind to be charge extra for processing if we could save the spaces files on our storage systems.

    Is MP open to provide us with a new optional feature that alloud us to backup spaces on our systems even if we will be charge for it?

  • Hi there @solazerportugal! Yes, we're absolutely open to your ideas, and ideas from other users on this site! Our Product team reads these topics and users the number of votes/likes to understand what is the most urgent for users -- obviously, this one is currently at the top of list here.

  • I would like to see this as well! We are starting to provide MP for realtors in our area and would like to avoid this situation.
    1. We scan and upload a model for a Realtor.

    2. 3 months later the owners take the listing off the market, so we remove the model.

    3. Later they decide to give it a second chance and the realtor asks us for the scan we did for them.

    Personally, I would be happy with the raw files. Then if they had a bedroom renovated since the initial scan we could go re-scan that area instead of the whole house. I wouldn't mind if this meant a second processing fee when uploaded.

  • Best solution -- make multiple backups of your iPad using iTunes. Index the backups.

    It's a pain, but it does work.

    I'd pay Matterport to reprocess some of my original models if they can add in better processing. The new firmware in the camera is produce amazing results for me and it just shows that the cameras we have still have unlockable potential!

  • Scott,

    I think that we all just want a way to save the original scans elsewhere so that if needed at a later date, we could re-upload them to Matterport and activate the 3D Tour once again. I for one would suggest that you implement a function where we could upload them to our dropbox (or Google Drive or local drive) direct from our Matterport account. That way, we can always re-upload them from any place direct to Matterport. With Vimeo, you can do all of the above. And we do it all of the time with our videos that we save and re-upload when a listing comes back on the market 18 months later after being taken off the market.

  • Yeah I don't know how this is not already a feature. Until iPads can hold terabytes of data, we need a way to archive captured models to permanent storage and easily be able to restore one or more models to an iPad for further editing and re-upload. Ideally the Matterport cloud should allow us to download a previously uploaded capture for editing. I would assume this would be trivial to implement since we already upload the raw data. Other than that, we should at least have the option to import the raw model data into the capture app even if it is from a 3rd party archiving service (which, being a software engineer as well, I will gladly create).

  • @Colinforte is exactly right. I made some similar comments below be he stated the gist of it. photographers like to keep EVERYTHING! Even the bad shots so a full offline archive of raw data is much needed.

  • Hi @Jason Rosensweig and @Jacob,

    you're right, that would be a great feature and I too would love to see it implemented. The only problem is it's easier said than done considering how Capture was initially designed. Such a feature would require changing a lot of code in Capture. It's all possible and may be a reality one day, hopefully soon, but until then, I would do what chris suggested and backup your Capture app and document which model data lives in which backup copy.

  • Scott,

    We at least are looking for archive functionality.

    The law in our country says that all documents leading to deal of real estate need to be stored 5 years after the deal, also Matterport showcases. So we can not delete a single showcase before 5-6 years after scanning…

  • Not a lawyer here, but are you sure that photography is considered a 'document leading to deal'? It's marketing and I could imagine that you'd need to then archive all Facebook/Social Media posts, advertisements, etc... surely the Matterport Tour is not considered a document.

  • @Matterport-Amir  

    This feature is really important to us in our work capturing properties for insurance purposes and inventories for lettings. With the latter, the scans need to be reviewed and then only used again several years later. Ours clients would not be interested in paying the hosting fees for the years in between when the product needs to be archived. If Matterport is to be used successfully to capture property for use as evidence in disputes and claims you really need to allow us to archive please.

    If the coding to too difficult to allow us to download and save files, why not allow us to upload to a mirror cloud where there are no hosting charges affixed but equally no opportunity to share URLS or embed codes?  There must be a solution here?

     I am convinced this is an important issue for any sector where Matterport is used for documenting and there are legal requirements to keep evidence for a certain period of time. 

    Kind regards


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