Designing a Rider for Real Estate Yard Signs for Realtors so that Onlookers can Access 3D Scans via QR Code

I have owned my "awesome" Matterport 3D camera for just over 3 months. I purchased it for the purposes to promote my real estate brokerage. However, in order to supplement and provide another stream of income since I have 3 teenage kids and a stay at home wife to provide for, I thought I would provide Matterport as another source of income so that I can use not only for my real estate business but I can for "utility" become a real estate photographer.

Anyhow, my idea is that Matterport or a vendor partner with the proper technology be able to have a downloadable "template" for realtors and brokers such as me to be able to use a a "Sign Rider" on my real estate listing yard sign. This way instead of have a 8 1/2" by 11" flyer, the rider is the lead generator for potential buyers to obtain information to view the Matterport 3D scans done on a listings. It can be a QR code or a phone number that will text a link that will provide access via any device (smartphone, tablet, or desktop). Also, maybe there could be a pre-recorded message stating features and benefits of the property from the contact information on that Sign Rider. That is my idea! Thanks!



  • Hi Ossil,

    No need to wait! Pretty much any company that provides sms sign riders can get you going (simply google sms sign rider). I started by using a rider but have simply added the information to the brokerage sign.

    When potential buyer pulls up they either capture the QR code or text the rider. They get an immediate response with a message with a shortened link to the Matterport space. We've also tested an auto that will text them a few minutes after the initial text with the model asking what they thought of the sneak peek inside the home to try and increase engagement.

    Another idea to increase engagement is to incorporate the 3D scan into your post-"open house" messaging.

    Visitors sign in during the open house (we incorporate a chance to win a gift certificate to a popular or new local restaurant) and they receive an automated email with the 3D Space.

  • Great idea!

  • Bishop, Can you send information on how you do this? My email is:

  • Hey, you can use sites like QR CODE Generator - I'd keep your personal email to yourself too! You never know who spying on you.

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