Vertical Trimming Tool

Ok so many of us have scanned spaces that have stuff hanging from the ceilings, this makes the Dollhouse view very messy, and the dollhouse view is one of the biggest wow factors and selling points for a lot of us.

What if you enabled a vertical trimming tool for dollhouse view, where we can set the desired height and then anything above that gets trimmed off eg 12 feet or whatever suits!

This feature would really help us keep the spaces clean.




  • Like that idea .. especially when I've had some 'sky' or artifact that appears and regardless of multiple trimming attempts cannot be eliminated!

  • Can ten thousand million people like this please, this is ESSENTIAL and I'm surprised there isn't a tool in the Matterport Workshop. Seriously needed.

  • This is a FANTASTIC idea. Never thought of it and now that you've mentioned it, I cannot count the number of tours where artifacts like chandelliers look bizarre in the dollhouse would be nice to trim.

  • Excellent idea.  Especially for someone new, like me!

  • I have a space I've just scanned where the wall rises up through a staircase to the loft and it's letting down the dollshouse, I still would like to keep the staircase to the usual ceiling height but not anything above that level. Please come up with something Matterport.

  • Yes please, this would be very useful!


  • With the implementation of the BLK, this becomes ever more important.  I've seen what the BLK does to the dollhouse view and it is not good.



  • I've been using window markers to mark windows on the outsides of buildings on a few BLK models.  If I'm very precise, I can fully fill in the bottom row of windows.  It's crazy.

    I believe that the new world of opportunity being opened up by the BLK integration and the Multivista partnership will provide a powerful value proposition for Matterport to continue to innovate and provide new tools for us.  I would advocate a 'Capture Pro' app that is specifically developed with tools that apply to BLK scans and unique spaces that go beyond what most MSPs are offering for single family home scans.  Adoption by AEC professionals would generate quite a few sales and the revenue would certainly enable development from a fiduciary standpoint.

  • YES!!! This would especially come in handy for skylights that look really strange in dollhouse view!!!

  • Just thought of this today and searched the community and here it is...Please make this happen Matterport. Some times we don't want the ceiling included...Example I'm scanning a showroom with large objects that are having the interior scanned and I want to see inside the objects from the top but the showroom ceiling and the tops of the objects are getting in the way of getting a clear interior overhead view. It could be set on the ipad when scanning. Simple Max Height global setting per model that defaults to infinity. It doesn't have to be a visual tool.

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