Save/Download 360 Views for Use in Other Spaces

I have several projects that require the same 360 Views for each individual Space. One project has 7 seven Spaces, so I needed to take seven 360 View shots of the same view. Each Space has 4-5 360 Views - so that required toggling between the individual Spaces and taking 30+ scans.

If I could have downloaded/uploaded it would save a ton of time. This would also be very helpful in high rises where over time I scan multiple properties in the same building, and have to make arrangements to capture the common areas with each new Space.



  • Hi @Bill! Is the idea something like this:

    - I am scanning several apartments in the same complex, but they are all a little different.

    - But for each apartment, I want the Space to feature the same entrance to the complex.

    - So, it would be easier if the Spaces could share the 360.

    Is that accurate?

    Also, a follow-up: what else would you like in being able to group Spaces together?

  • I hate to say it but this may be a way to combat the photographers that are competing with us on Google Street (business) Views. If we could download the 360 degree photos we could essentially offer both Matterport services and Google Street (business) view to our customers. Matterport would sell a lot more cameras too.

  • The ability to download and save and share 360's between Spaces would be awesome and a timesaver, please!

  • This is similar to what I've suggested elsewhere several times but would need a bit of a step change in Matterport policy.

    In the first instance we would need to be able to host our models on our own servers which would widen our opportunities but we would need a special viewer that allowed us to view the Matterport models for that.

    To post these to the Google app we would need be able to extract the photographic data from the current model which I doubt is possible in the current way the models are supported as the Matterport models are more sophisticated in that they contain 3D data which of course photospheres do not.

    To output 360 photospheres we would need to be able to do is extract a photographic equilateral projection from each scan position that could then be put together into a tour posted up in the conventional way but that does lose some of the Matterport 'uniqueness'.

    I suspect that last option would also need support from Google directly via the SDK or maybe some direct collaboration between the two companies.

  • Agree fully here! I see the latest post here is 3 months old so maybe this feature already exists? Sorry if it does, NOOB here with 1 scan under my belt.

  • Every comment helps, since this is not yet a thing - so thank you. It always helps to keep the buzz going around features suggested by the community.

  • Sadly no Taylor. 360 exports used to be possible via a 3rd Party service but that was specifically blocked by Matterport. There was a vague suggestion it may become a Matterport capability (probably plastered with Marketing logos). The export was extremely useful particularly in Facebook (which can show 360s unlike Twitter) for marketing our Matterport capabilities with links back to our service pages with models. 360s are a popular promotional tool because audiences do look at them. Taylor there are more and more technologies delivering 360s that are now available.

  • Good to know. As I have shown this to a few people in my company, this one is looking like a must have. Hopefully getting these out can be as easy for us as getting the OBJ files out.

  • You know that thing on Matterport VR where you have a selection of tours from a screen... yeah, do that for desktop.

  • It's a terms of service issue, that's all. I launched a conversion service and Matterport politely asked me to discontinue it as extraction of the panos violated Matterport's terms of service.

    Google's Street View services for businesses work in two different ways.

    Google Business View, their old program, is no longer accepting new photographers. It is a system wherein photographers have access to a tool where they submit panoramas to Google's cloud. Google attempts to automatically link the tour together (which Matterport Tours work VERY well for as we have so many close tours). The GSV Trusted photographer then will fix the areas that Google failed on and position the constellation(s) of panos on the location to it's real-life location, select the thumbnails and publish.

    Google Street View | Trusted, their new program, involves taking panos, putting them on a mobile device capable of running their app, and uploading. Google attempts to link panos, and you can use the mobile app to join panos to each other. It's a horrible pain and terrible and results vary.

    There is no special SDK system to submit to Google with predefined relationships between panos, placement, etc.

  • Yes, we are running into the same thing. We have 360 views that pertain to separate models. We wish to be able to import the 360 views to other models without having to redo the scans. Hope this can come out on the next upgrades.

  • Sorry to bring this up again but is this a no go? Downloadable 360 panoramas?

  • Not yet, and I have not heard of this getting any closer to the production pipeline yet. I think it would be a great feature as well.

  • I agree with Matterport-Scott, even if we cannot download a 360 View to use for other things, Just having the ability to take a 3D View and transfer it to another 3D Showcase would be invaluable. I am going to start scanning an entire community starting with two properties - all share the same common area space - pool, clubhouse, exercise room etc... If we cannot download it - why can't we take 360 Views within the Launcher Tool and apply them to other scans. This would save me a ton of work having to rescan common areas on every property. Matterport has the assets and should be able to figure out post production and upload how we can move a 360 view from one property to the next to be included in the 3D Showcase. Puts us at a disadvantage to a photographer who only has to shoot the common areas one time - In the next month I might have to reshoot common areas 5 times. This is not practical at all.

  • That was my idea -- including a Nadir patch that would mirror how Matterport's Schematic Plans contain Matterport Branding. It makes sense -- it's a win-win for everyone. Matterport retain their identity on all things that came from their platform and MSPs get options to post to Facebook, Google Maps or a custom WebGL player for a single spin if for some reason that makes sense to them.

  • If Matterport were to release a feature inside Matterport Cloud that allowed downloading of panoramas -- or even uploading the same panoramas to another tour to add as 360 views as @Bill suggested, it would certainly be greeted with universal applause from all MSPs.

  • YES - Matterport please add this feature.

  • Do what @Roy-1 says!

  • Any progress on this feature being added.   When I originally purchased my camera, one of the features which appealed was the ability to shoot high res 360 views.....didn't realise those 360's wouldn't be able to 'get hold of' to use elsewhere....seems a simple thing to offer, after all, all those 360's would be used to entice folk to access the real matterport space.


  • The feature is available in Workshop and has been for a while

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