Autoplay Walkthrough Less Rollercoastery

I've been playing with the autoplay walkthrough for the first time. I usually opt for the slideshow as I think it's a bit more elegant.

I have some suggestions to the walkthrough that I believe will make for a better experience that is less like a runaway minecart:

  1. Option to never move and turn at the same time. Simply turn then move.
  2. Option to never walk backwards. As it is, the walkthrough will turn and move while facing backwards under many circumstances.


  • I've forced myself to view all the way through some walkthroughs recently after taking my dramamine.

    I'd like to amend your list and add:

    • Transition speed adjustment, possibly on a highlight-by-highlight basis (for example, moving down a straight, long path could be sped up just a bit, while moving around in a single room could be slowed just a bit
    • Ability to amend a path, and add non-highligh scan locations to eliminate solid-surface breakthroughs
    • Some guidance on scanning techniques to decrease transition artifacts
  • Those are great ideas. I'm very impressed at the walkthrough tour -- I just hope that Matterport has an active agenda to keep on improving it to the point that it's a preffered manner of displaying the tours for most MSPs. I think that the fact that we can toggle between a choice of 'Slideshow' or 'Walkthrough' (rather than allowing both to be available) is indicative of the fact that the feature is rather experimental still, but cool enough that Matterport wanted to share it with us.

  • Agreed! I added the last item because, while I haven't yet had the time to try it, I would like to see what it takes to scan a property to reduce or elimate the transition artifacts. When I watch a walkthrough, it's almost like part of the current or next 360 photo remains anchored longer than it should. I imagine adding scans could resolve some of that.

  • These are all nice ideas, but I(as a man who know some programming thing) do suppose it need a lot of work. So, figure out what is the most important feature is crucial.

  • Walkthroughs have become a pretty standard deliverable for me and I am working with a particularly challenging walkthrough today ... It would be very nice to have, as Chrisandkaren Mang mentioned - the "Ability to amend a path".  The Walkthrough is taking an absolutely bizarre path at times and I have no means to control / correct it....

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