Processing time meter for newly uploaded models.

I would like to see a meter or a number in line, where it says "Processing" on the page where it lists my scans.



  • Nice idea, but frankly speaking, I do not support this idea, this could only get a little improvement of user interface, but it will consume the developer time resource to do that. And as far as I guess, not only they need to add the time display on the user interface, but also take time to add time calculate logic in their processing program.

    Not cost-effective enough.

    To matterport user, 12hours, or 10hours, or 2 hours, does not have much difference. Just watch your email, that's enough.

  • First, if they are not monitoring the statistics of the cloud processing, that in itself would be worrisome.

    To this Matterport user who just finished a job and got it uploaded at 2000, knowing if it will be done at 2300 and not 0200 would help with my sleep schedule.

    Also I like the scan link in the users mailbox in the morning. This is pretty important for my sleep schedule considering I have another scan at 0700 an hour away from here.

  • @jrbatchelor

    Monitor the processing is one thing, collect and calculating the total time is another thing.

    [How long does a model take to process? – Help Center](

    Different model need different time which mainly influenced by scan numbers. You may notice they said 3 scans may finish in 30 minutes, but a model with 200+ scans may take 24 to 48 hours.

    That is to say, the processing time is not linear! The total time can not be calculated easily!

    Another important issue is, the cloud processing may have queue to handle lots of space when they upload at same time. This also increase the difficulties to get total time of processing.

    Just relax, and have a good sleep and do the job next day is a good choice :-)

  • I beg to differ on this subject. Planning scans and time management is very important to the Matterport community, and should be to anyone that is attempting to be successful at this game, especially if you want to be a player in this game. The worst thing that can happen for us, the Matterport Professionals, is to have people that do not hold to some standard when delivering scans to clients. It makes all of us look bad because we are somewhat under the same brand, Matterport.

    The timely delivery of a Quality Matterport scan to my clients is the number one priority for my company. So I think that knowing when a scan is going to be completed could be a great tool for me and my company. I would not have posted this feature request without it being non-trivial.

    Now that my scan has completed processing, the single page site is complete, the client has been emailed their data, I think it is time for some rest before the next one tomorrow.

  • Well, I just express the difficulty of total time calculation and limited of developer resource.

    Let's see what others say and demand about this.

  • We, as Matterport users and/or providers have to meet the expectations of our customers who may sometimes want the models immediately.

    Matterport could establish a service level agreement with a guaranteed processing completion window. However, it would be problematic and it could affect not just Matterport's operations by ours as well.

    Computer processing isn't free, and it has to be utilized to be cost effective. An SLA would require Matterport to maintain sufficient infrastructure to meet the ever-changing demands of users/providers. Matterport couldn't simply provide enough infrastructure to meet maximum demand. If they did, they'd be spending money on something that would nto be used a lot of the time. We as users/providers would bear the brunt of that wasted spend through higher costs.

    Finally, completion time my not be a valid indicator of the actual completion time. Any code written to provide this information would have to make certain assumptions that could easily be affected by a sudden surge in new uploads, which might change the completion time, throwing the estimate provided out the window.

  • I think a status bar would be a very cool feature to have seeing as how knowing when the model data will finish processing is valuable information. Unfortunately, it's not really possible to provide an accurate status bar when processing.

    With my experience even status bars that calculate the time remaining to copy data are not accurate, and they should know all the variables involved - one would think. Because processing model data is considerably more complicated than copying files, there's one very significant unknown that could potentially change everything.

    I like to equate the amount of time it takes to process model data with the amount of time your GPS indicates it will take to reach your destination. Given everything the GPS knows right now about current traffic conditions, I assume the ETA is about right. The problem is it doesn't know if there will be an accident down the road that can drastically change your ETA. The same thing is true for processing model data. If the processing engine comes across something unexpected in the data itself or its own ability to compute the time to process will change. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing a status bar that isn't moving.

    Because there's no way to absolutely guarantee the status bar's accuracy for that reason, at least for now, I don't see this feature becoming a reality :(

    I'm sorry for any disappointment and hope that helps explain why we can't offer it at this time.

    - Amir

  • Thanks so much for the well articulated reply, @Matterport-Amir! Honestly the way that I see this section, "Product Suggestions" is just for that, Suggestions. This was just a feature that could add to the Matterport experience. A good simile for this suggestion, is the rear view camera that they build into some vehicles that shows up in the rear view mirror when you put the vehicle in reverse. It's nice to have, but not necessarily necessary. Thanks again!

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