Display Current 360 View Name in Workshop While Viewing

When viewing 360 Views in Workshop - it can sometimes be confusing to identify which 360 View is being viewed for snapshots or quality control.

In the left column, the selected 360 View is indicated graphically but a 'highlight', but when focus goes to the 360 view itself, the graphical representation disappears.

The word 'hide' will appear under the currently selected 360 view - but this is a bit confusing and is not consistent. If I enter and exit snapshot mode the 'hide' icon disappears.

At that point, it's up to me to remember which 360 view I arbitrarily clicked and I'll often be hunting and pecking. As there's a slight delay before each view appears, this can be frustrating.

Any thoughts?



  • Scan and 360 Labeling would help in the initial organization of these items (preferably while scanning, since there is a built in wait time). But that's just the first step.

    A highlight of the current scan or 360 that retains application focus is the next step.

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  • That's a great idea -- Being able to label the scan in the Capture App!

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  • Or a thumbnail of each of the scans. I find myself clicking multiple files to find the "Backyard" or the "front door" 

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