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As a cloud provider, Matterport has many different customers all over the world. Each utilizes Matterport products and services in their own way. Most use Matterport as an operational function of their business, and come to depend on stability and continuity.

As a cloud provider, Matterport has the ability to easily introduce new features and fix issues. However, those changes can have an impact on the operation function of Matterport's customer's businesses.

Matterport should introduce a feature/fix release schedule, and provide a notifcation method. While this can slow the introduction of new features, it allows Matterport customers to prepare for the changes.



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  • I agree. When there is a problem - such as the recent 'nibbles' on images, it would be fantastic for there to be a spot in the Matterport Cloud where MSPs could see acknowledgement of the issue and a statement from Matterport.

    Additionally, all changes to the platform should be noted here -- as they are on this community. A detailed changelog would be nice -- noting every revision to Showcase and what changes were made -- i.e. text translation changes, stability on iOS devices, etc.

    It's amazing how often Showcase is updated! I bet you guys aren't even aware of how hard the development team is working and I bet you'd love to have a window into it!

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