Realtor 'Virtual Tour' Complete Solution

Matterport is lightyears ahead in technology, but let's close the gap with serving Realtors by providing a tabbed system that shows the 3D Tour, Photos, Floorplan and Location / Info.

Photos Tab - Could use our snapshots, although I argue that as a photographer, the places I use my Matterport to scan are not the places that I place my camera. I offer photography services, as do many MSPs, so adding our own content wins here.

Floorplans Tab - This is an opportunity to add value to the Schematic Floorplans product offered by Matterport and increase demand.

Location / Info - Fields already exist within portal that gather everything you need.


These simple features mean a lot to many Realtors and the ability to offer a full package adds incredible value to the Matterport platform and should be seriously considered.

Other platforms market themselves as a complete package for Realtors based on being able to deliver these features. Let's close the gap.



  • I've revised my thinking on this one.

    How about allowing us to add PHOTOS, Schematic Floorplans, a Nearby Google Map, and Video Links to YouTube/Vimeo videos in the highlight reel? This preserves the UI/UX of Matterport while adding invaluable features.

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  • I upvote this!

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