Matterport Desperately Needs Google Street View Integration

I offer Street View virtual tours for businesses as well as Matterport tours. Creating a regular virtual tour with a dslr and panoramic head is very time consuming, so instead if Matterport made it an element of their services to upload 360 spheres to Street View, I could use this as an up-sell and save myself a days work taking an additional set of photos which I need to spend a lot of post processing time on to build into photo spheres. Its imperative that this happens, and soon. Big money loss for other Matterport service techs who might not have the time or know how to create photo spheres themselves.



  • @borismaganic Google's Business View system is coming to a close at the end of March. In its place is a new Street View Submission API that several companies are beta testing right now including and Garden Gnome Software (Pano2VR).

    It is my theory that Matterport had the foresight to also get in on this and will be delivering a first party solution that will publish your tours directly to street view. I would imagine that the tours would be branded 'Matterport' as the publisher and that Matterport would take advantage of the option to add a nadir patch to each pano and would add a very slick 'Matterport' patch.

    If Matterport are indeed doing this, I think it would be fantastic as Matterport already know the EXACT spacing of each panorama and would be able to automate the creation of tours.

    My concerns right now would be that from my understanding -- the new API will not initially have support for multiple floors (multiple constellations). If this is true and remains true, it would limit what Matterport could do and may cause a delay in rolling out such a feature (if it is being considered at all).

    Additionally, as a Google Trusted Photographer who has published many tours to Street View, one thing I've learned is that the editing process does involve a bit of decision making. For instance, it is ideal that one panorama links to no more than 4 other panoramas and that the alignment of the links be a N/E/S/W sort of thing... otherwise, navigation gets confusing when you have a pile of arrows close to each other.


    We might be impatient with Matterport - but for the most part, Matterport operate a bit like Apple. Instead of showering us with tons of little confusing features - they make careful decisions on what features to add and to only add them when they work exactly as they envision they should work. My feeling is that there's a way they'd love to offer this and will not offer it until they can offer it the way that they want to offer it.

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