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As a photogrpaher I own copyright of all my photos/pictures/views made as Amir from matterport mentioned.
The copyright Act of 1976 stipulate that the owner can recproduce, display, recreat derivative work and distrubute.

In order to do the previous, I need to be able to save on my computer all the pictures that I produced.

Please advise me on how to do so in order to comply with the law and the Copyright Act of 1976.

Thanks to the community



  • I am not sure but I think somewhere in the TOS you agreed that you cannot do it.

    I have seen another post somewhere, I don't remember exact place, that they consulted with an attorney and said nothing is illegal here because you agree to it by accepting the TOS.

    The only thing you can download is snapshots not tours.

    Hopefully someone chimes in and can give you a more in depth answer or one you like better than mine.

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  • As far as I understand this the 'Raw Sensor Data' is the underlying imagery and point cloud information generated by the camera and that remains the property of Matterport and you are agreeing NOT to attempt to host this data elsewhere other than on the Matterport servers, via their viewing solution and their continued ownership of that data ensures this. This is to prevent a third party solution allowing you to host the spaces locally. This we all understand when we're discussing the ability to 'self host'¨

    With regards to the imagery it appears that you have the copyright in the imagery as long as you have permission to have scanned/photographed the space in the first instance, but you have agreed to allow Matterport use of this imagery to do what they wish to do with it without recourse to you so that they can host it and use it in publicity etc. 

In the last case however it seems that they always ask if they can place your models in the gallery if they like the space so although they have the rights to the model granted here and could just go ahead and put a space in the gallery they actually do ask as a courtesy. My interpretation is that you do own the copyright of the 2D images you take and can use them as you will, the rest is referring to the 3D data that remains the property of Matterport to prevent it's use outside of a subscription.

    I could of course be wrong... ;)

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