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You've scanned something incredible, and you want to show it off? Great, this is the place!

Show off your best Spaces, and tell us how you did it!

Here's the template to use:

  • First, please ensure you have permission to post this. Make sure no unwanted private information is present.
  • Tell us what the Space is, and the city/state/country where it's located. For example, "Pier 39 Restaurant, San Francisco, California, USA"
  • Include a screenshot or two, and a link to the Space.
  • Why is this Space special to you? It can be a landmark, or just a beautiful, charming cottage.
  • Walk us through the job. What went well, what was hard, what was unexpected? How long did it take?
  • What challenges did you find, how'd you solve them?
  • What are you most proud of?

Once you post, other users will be able to comment on it and vote for their favorites. If we love it, we may even contact you to promote your Space in our blog or gallery!

-The Matterport Team



  • Hello everybody. I'm very proud to present you this place. It's a small, rural hotel located close to Cuenca (Spain) in an area called La Mancha (East part of the Country). A friend of mine bought this old house built in the 1930's and he restored it converting it in this charming place. When I went to scan the house, the first big challenge was that the house is divided in different blocks and the access to the second floor is through outdoor stairs. It was a sunny day and I had to wait until the sun went to the back part of the house to scan properly the building without sunlight on the main entrance. I had to make this job in two days, because I wanted to have sunlight through the windows and doors. What do you think about it? Hope you like. Thanks!!

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  • @JosePino

    Wow, really excellent job! I love your use of mattertag links in the model so that people can easily book the place on Would love to see you submit for curation to the Matterport Gallery by filling out this form.

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