Expiration dates for links to models?

Is there a way to set links to expire? If not, would this be a good addition by Matterport?

I mainly do residential real estate and I would like the links to expire after 6 months.

If no way to do this...

How are some of the other users handling this?

How are you handling businesses who want to stay active forever?



  • Hi there @Aaron Raney! We currently don't have this feature, but it could be worth adding.

    I have a few questions:

    - What are the advantages you see to having links expire automatically, versus manually toggling to private?

    - I have some ideas why, but what's the reasoning/need to have the models become private after a certain amount of time?

    - In terms of stay active forever, can you tell me more about those instances? In other words, why the users want them to be permanently public?

    ...I have a lot of guesses, but best to confirm them! Thanks!

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  • This is a good idea. I provide 6 months of hosting included with their purchase and a monthly fee after that. Setting an expiration date or auto-private based on a user specified date would be helpful. Even more helpful would be if we could receive an automated notification from Matterport warning of an upcoming "expiration". This would prompt us busy photogs to contact our clients to purchase an extension.

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  • A method of setting a default expiration date with auto notification of pending expiration would be very helpful. Being able to set it by account/folder/model and whether it is an auto expiration. Also, a field to set to renew yes/no.

    I host for 12 months and having to review models every month as we generate a lot more models in our account will become time consuming.

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  • @MP-scott

    1. Advantages- If we start doing a lot volume, it will be very time consuming to go back and switch models over to private. Just one more thing to keep up with. And sense we are only allowed 300 hosted models on business plans, this will become a problem if its not diligently maintained every month.

    2.Why switch to private- We mainly photograph and create tours for homes that are for sell. Once that house sells, there is really no reason for the model to be active.

    3. Active forever- Example, a Chiropractor wants me to do scan of his office for his website, but he would need long term hosting.

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  • @MP-Scott This is a very good suggestion Scott. Expiry to go private automatically on a specific date set by us not a default no of days). With an advanced warning auto email [with no of days selected by me] to us of impending expiry- so that I may offer renewal. We retain the right to continue usage of our work for demo / portfolio purposes. So I would like an option that sets up a new link.

    Would also like a similar capability for collaborators to set their access to expire.

    Hope this clarifies but feel free to ask or call.


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