New guide on scanning large spaces -- what do you all think?

Hi everyone!

Matterport's been working hard to document techniques for scanning large spaces (warehouses, etc). And we're very pleased to now share our Large Spaces Scanning Guide to the Community!

But what we'd love to hear is:

  • Does this help?
  • Are we missing anything? Is anything confusing?
  • Did we get anything wrong?
  • And, does this make your lives easier?

Chime in below, thanks!



  • Hey @MP-Scott

    I think this guide is very beneficial for MSP that scan big spaces. One thing I disagree on is going around the room instead of ZigZag it.

    If you have a big space and you go "around it", many times the end-points wont match since the camera doesn´t really now how big the room is. If you go Zig-Zag instead, you are "printing" the area and pushing the model to one side only. This will always result in an accurate model.

    If you go around a room, the starting scan may not match with the last scan, and you´ll have to go around again, and again, and again. I have experience on this with my last hotel scan.

    I strongly recommend that you Zig-Zag the area like an "ink printer".

    Also when you have no variations on the architecture, sometimes its is helpful to try to get to the end of the room following any path, and then trace your ideal path on the way back once the back wall has been scanned. This back wall will function as your anchor.



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  • Thanks a bunch for the recommendations and commentary, @manolo!

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  • @Scott A  I'm looking for a pricing guide that was on the Matterport site in PDF giving advice on pricing out large jobs when bidding.  You have any idea were that PDF file might be hiding?  thx

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