What does your price structure look like?

I realize this will depend on the region but I'd love to hear from others what they're charging for this service. I'm extremely low right now but since it's catching on and I've recently gone "legit" (business license/taxes) I need to raise my rates. Is anyone wiling to share? It can be like pulling teeth to get local photographers to share.



  • Hi Jared and welcome!

    I'm in Puyallup and here is a link to my pricing page: Good luck with your business and I'm happy to share info.

  • I'm also in the Northwest market. It's kind of all over the board. For instance, I'm getting $395-$495 for a residential real estate scan for agents. But I also have a home builder that I get $895 per home flat fee. But this also includes 20 still photographs and the fact that they build in Washington and Oregon. So many times there's a bit of travel involved. With that being said, they pay me an additional $100 for any travel above 90 miles.

    With all of that being said, real estate agents & brokers are NOTORIOUSLY CHEAP. They don't mind making $8,000 commission but they scoff at paying $500 for a cutting edge virtual tour that not only helped them GET the listing in the first place, but also assisted in helping them SELL the listing.

  • my website is Houston TX

    You can see our pricing under services and pricing

    We have only been using the Matterport for a couple months.

  • This is a great topic, thank you @Jared, @Jerry Suhrstedt, and @Aaron Raney! We'd love to hear from as many people as we can, especially what's most successful! The more Matterport can understand how you price, the better job we can do making our services fit your needs.

    Keep the ideas coming, thanks!

  • Real Estate Photography has been getting pounded by agents for years now and locally here in the Northwest, RE photography pricing is almost a disgrace.

    I would encourage all MSP's to keep their pricing up and not give in to the "Race to the bottom" strategy that some use. YOU HAVE THE LATEST, CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD! This technology wins listings. It actually sells properties.

    With agents knocking down 3-6% of a sale and your product is directly helping them do this, please down degrade the market with rock-bottom prices.

  • @Jerry Suhrestedt Great post.

    I agree entirely, this is a great technology and as it's so cutting edge (and expensive) we all need to not to undervalue our services and learn to walk away if folk won't pay what is a fair price.

    Photography is undervalued as an art. How many times do you hear folk say when they see your expensive camera 'Wow I could take great pictures if I had a camera like that' That's an insult to your skill as a photographer and by the quality of some photography on Real Estate listings they couldn't take a decent picture to save their lives.

  • I walked into one of the largest Keller Williams offices in Houston yesterday to pass out some info about my company and Matterport. @MP-Scott I found out they are offering Matterport in house to their agents for a super cheap rate!! This office alone has 550 agents.

    Prices they were charging below

    $100 for 3000sqft and only $25 for each additional 1000sqft,

    $10 for each outdoor scan. $25 trip fee over 10 miles.

    My question is... Is Matterport reaching out to large real estate chains on a regular basis trying to set up this type of program? If so, it will eventually drive the price down that we can charge in the real estate arena.

    Or is this just something that this office came up with to help their agents out?

    I understand that all real estate companies have perks of working there. Many of their perks compete with my products and I know that.

    Just wondering if Matterport is giving them some awesome deals to sign up with a program that will allow them to offer these services to their agents at a super low rate. Matterport has every right to go out there and promote their services the way they want. I just think that it will force the price down that we can charge.

  • I guess an agency like that can afford to buy a Matterport in-house and so that price reflects that it's an added service. You'll never be able to compete with that kind of offering so I guess you need to appeal to smaller agencies who wouldn't want/afford to make the $4500 & hosting fees investment.

    Estate agency is different in the UK, we don't have independent agents within an agency it's all employees of the business and it depends again if they feel the investment is worth the outlay.

  • Hey folks NEWS FLASH. (LOL)

    Matterport has been targeting their product to real estate agents & brokers since day one as a super easy solution. So easy even a real estate agent can do it.

    I knew this going in, and yes it's a bit annoying when you're a MSP and your business is professional imagery, and you might be competing with agencies like Keller Williams. (your customer) But with that being said, I would like to get some data from Matterport:

    a) Of all the RE agencies that buy the system for their agents, how much of the time is the camera sitting in a closet gathering dust?

    My thoughts are that most agents don't want to take the time to either a) learn how to use it, or b) take the time to actually go out and shoot their listings.

    Anyone can go out and purchase a DSLR, but how many agents will take the time to shoot quality photography is a whole other story. While I'm sure there are "some" agents using the Matterport system, know human habits as I do, I'm thinking there will always be room for professionals like us.

    And that costs $$

  • Great points, thanks Jerry.

  • Hi there @Jerry Suhrstedt!

    Great question -- and unfortunately, I can't share utilization data or sales info about the camera. But maybe this helps shed some light:

    There are people who love to keep everything in-house and be a one-stop shop for a range of services. Then there are people who say, you know, I'm going to hire contractors for *everything* but the few things that I truly love and/or excel at. As I see it, realtors and MSPs are at different ends of the spectrum. And even among MSPs, there are the "only Matterport" shops, and the "drones, video, stills, Matterport, and more" shops. We're still discovering how people use the cameras and models, and how we can improve.

    To me, our main goal is (a) raising awareness of 3D scanning, and (b) making it so valuable and compelling that it keeps fueling demand. That creates a virtuous cycle, where more and more scanning helps to create more awareness and demand, which creates more scanning. But we need your guidance to help us do that well. (Hence this forum and esp. Product Suggestions and the current Product Survey.) So, thank you!

  • Well I fought this concept for awhile, the fact that MP is competing against me. But after some serious research in the paid search advertising space, it's really hard to come up with keywords because no one is searching for this technology. Probably mostly because the technology hasn't caught up with public awareness. People just have no clue what "Immersive, Interactive, Virtual Tours" even are! Lots of users search for "real estate photographers", and almost every time there's a search for "virtual tour"... they are talking about a still photo gallery or video tour. NOT interactive 3D tours.

    So at this point, our shop is "educating" more than "selling". So I agree with MP Scott.

  • Thanks @MP-Scott

  • My pricing is downloadable from my website: I do only MP 3D Spaces and work with a couple real estate services companies that I recommend for all other services. I've targeted the small-midsize brokers/agents that are less likely to purchase their own camera and do their own shoots. So far it is working well and growing.

    My pricing is very reasonable and in line with the other MSP's in my area. I differentiate my basic service by doing: a) complete '4-corner' room scans, b) complete bathrooms (including toilet area), c) exterior step-outs, d) Shower Snaps, e) Closet Peeks f) Post-process review with turning off unwanted positions, g) inclusion of the iOS 'Access Code' + download instructions (None of my competitors do c,d,e,g - and a couple miss on all)

    I offer the Highlight Reel, 360 Views, MTags, & Floor plans as add-ons; and include them for free with the first scan I do for an agent so they can experience all the features. Encourage them to use the iOS Access Code (if they use Apple) and download their first scan to demo to potential clients - so they will be more inclined to order the add-ons.

    I have noticed within the last four months more 'heightened' interest from agents, and non-residential real estate applications. While I prefer 'big house' hire an MSP, I do think we are still approaching the 'tipping point' with this product and there will be enough business to go around. At least that's what I'm counting on!

  • Bill,

    Your pricing is exactly what I'm talking about. Small to medium sized markets, real estate agents garner $150-$200 for still photographs only. You are in the Bay area? One of the largest markets in the USA and you're pricing starts at $175? You have the absolute latest technology that costs $5000 to get in to. A small handful of companies even offer this service... why would you degrade this technology with such low prices?

    For a 2000 sf 2 story, with 20 still photographs and a MP tour, I consistently get $495. For a tour only, I get $395. I have a large home builder that pays us $895 for a tour and 30 still photos.

    It just PAINS ME seeing MSP's dropping their drawers to get business. Sell the technology. Sell your customers on how the entire reason they got the listing in the first place is by showing their home owners your MP sample tour. Sell them on how they will have a technology that hardly anyone is using.

    I'm a marketing consultant now for 25 years, and one of the WORST things you can do to a new product is lower your prices and RACE TO THE BOTTOM. Destroys the industry.

    Keep in mind that a RE agent will pay you $20 if they thought they could get away with it.

  • Hi Jerry,

    I certainly enjoy the feedback and conversation. We each need to look at our individual markets, competitors, business plan, etc. when establishing pricing. I have 10+ competitors in this area and one of them starts off at $100. My pricing is in line with the majority, and I did have it higher at one time. SF has a huge amount of less than 1,000 sf condos and the starting price point is aimed at them in particular.

    I'm glad you are committed to, and able to get a higher price than I'm charging as it sure makes each job better financially.

  • Sorry, didn't mean to come off like I was beating you up. Yes you are right, each market has it's own criteria. I'm just having a hard time understanding why after this bleeding edge technology has only been available for a few short years, the pricing has already dropped so low.

    Some of these MSP's have to really understand the Real Estate Agent mentality. They don't mind making $15,000 on a commission, but many won't spend a nickel on marketing. Why does that mean MSP's need to come down to that level? Find agents willing to spend and invest in their listings, don't succumb to cheap agents/brokers... because eventually they'll be crying because you won't give them your service for $50.

    Where does it end?

  • Hi @jerry suhrstedt - no 'beat up' taken. I agree with what you are saying about a race to the bottom and this being new technology. And unfortunately the cost of entry is the price of a camera & tripod, while not cheap, also is not prohibitive.

    My pricing is as low as I can go and still offer a high level of service and be able to pay assistants a decent rate. But it is tight.

    In regards to agents you are absolutely right. I've found that calling on them, if they don't get it right away, I move onto the next one and not invest much time/effort trying to convince. It also amazes me the number of them that haven't even heard of MP yet.

    Like you I present it as a closing tool for more listings, exposure to more potential buyers, better qualified showings, etc. And they still don't get it.

  • Hey guys, spent the last 5 days producing this video:

  • That's awesone! How did you do that?

  • Super cool, @Jerry Suhrstedt! If you have the time, it would be *TERRIFIC* if you could do a post in "How I Did It" about making this video -- I know people would love to learn more! Either way, nice work!

  • Essentially I've been a marketing consultant for about 25 years. My A-D-D over the years has allowed me to learn many skills, i.e. graphic design, web design, and one of those is video/audio production. In a nutshell I use Adobe Premiere, some cartoon stock stuff, Photoshop, etc. Write a script, get a voice-over artist and build your video around the audio.

  • I'm having an unique situation in my country. Seems that there is at this stage only 3 MSP's in the country and one is an agent for an UK based company. Seems they cater to the high-end corporates and I'm on the middle to lower end of business. People here is so caught up with Photos, Video and getting into 360's now. When you mention 3D immersive scans and walk-trough tours they just stare at you. VR to them is mind-blowing and something of the "future".

    I'm still adjusting my pricing to the market and demand.

  • I'm in the UK and I've been in the VR market since the early '90s and attitudes towards this technology have changed little over the 25 years I'm afraid. I'm originally a fully trained surveyor, coming from the agriculture business and high value farms and estates and the attitude to photography and marketing is still stuck back in the days when a few poor snaps would suffice.

    Most agents still post incredibly poor images and I'm amazed at the number I see on even high value properties that have taken no care over presenting the property properly and leave shoes and other sundries lying around, out of focus and low res shots plainly taken with a phone camera.
    It's all cost driven and with the proliferation of online agencies offering to market your house for £500 UKP it's no surprise the Estate Agency market is on it's knees and photography is a long way down their priorities.

    I believe the real future for this tech is elsewhere in visitor attractions, hotels etc.

  • great video

  • Yes David... you are 100% correct. Hence the reason my marketing is targeting hotels, restaurants, commercial construction, venues, etc.

  • great job!

  • Hey JC a reação das pessoas aqui no Brasil é similar.

  • Aaron, your website is amazing! I'm coming from the GIS mapping field and getting into more 3D scanning/visualization.

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