Is it possible to disable the ability to explore a 3D space manually via the walk through?

I have a new client who is going to hire me to scan his company's 5,000 SQFT office space. He asked me if it was possible to ONLY have a highlight slideshow tour so that visitors to the 3D scan cannot manually "walk" around the tour. Is that possible? Someone on the FB user group suggested doing a scan of the main area and then just do 360 views for the rest of the space that they want in the slideshow tour. Is that the best way to do this?



  • Hi @Matt Yeaton,

    That's actually a really great suggestion. While there is no way to disable the ability to manually move through a Space, what you can do is only 3D scan the area it would be ok to manually move around. The rest of it will have to be 360° Views in the Highlight Reel.

    If you need to have the entire office as part of the dollhouse, you can scan it as you normally would and hide many of the scans while only leaving 1 scan per room so that no two scans are in line of sight. To the Highlight Reel, you'll only be able to add Snapshots captured from those scan positions not hidden. This is something I've never tried, so if you do go this route, please let me know how it works out.

    I hope that helps :)

  • Thank you! Since this is an office building, I don't think the client is interested in the dollhouse view. Doing a scan of the main lobby area and then doing 360 views should do the trick. I hope that I get the job to test out this option!

  • Our fingers are crossed for you, Matt. I hope you get the job and if you do get to test this out, do let us know :)

    Good luck.

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