how to provide stats to my customers

I am a Matterport service provider - how do my customers have access to the stats data of the models we've created for them?



  • I really wish there was an easy way to provide your clients with updated daily stat data. Unfortunately, that's not yet the case. Only MY.matterport admins can see your statistics and they are not yet designed to be shared on a daily basis.

    This is certainly something that is talked about and a feature I would love to see implemented. With enough feedback from the community, it's certainly possible :)

  • Yes, my clients like to see how effective the Matterport scan has been for them. Right now I go through each model and record the number of views and how many are unique in order to convey this information, especially after the first day/week/month. The residences usually have an approved contract before the month is up.

    The Design Center is not for sale so I will continue to track its views.

  • Hi @csraphotosandtours,

    I can certainly understand the challenges and frustration in sharing stats with your clients. You shouldn't have to go into each Space's page to get the information, however. At the top of your MY.matterport page is a button to see all the stats for all your Spaces on a single page. There, you can also choose to export all your Stats data as a CSV file to open in any spreadsheet application.

  • Thank you! I should have seen that icon (button). I am still learning.

  • No problem at all - and, actually, that Export Data button is brand new. Just added yesterday :) Good timing, I guess.

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