mattertag links

hello, how can i use a mattertag to link between two scans in the same model as the example below:

in the 5th snapshot of the guided tour there is 6 mattertags wich redirect to other scans



  • Hi @virginiedechamp,

    You would first need to get the deep link for the specific location you want the link to warp to. If you open the Space in 3D Showcase, you can find that location and then press the "U" key on your keyboard to bring up the deep link. The link will appear in the top, right corner. Copy that deep link and use it in the link you're adding to the Mattertag Post.

    I hope that helps.

    - Amir

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  • Amir, I noticed that when I use this method, the link to the space doesn't show up when entering the tour through is this something that is blocked by them? 

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