Types of New Materials You'd Like To See?

Hi MSPs,

On February 14, we released 17 new sales, marketing, and enablement materials to our community of MSPs. Since December 2016, we have made a grand total of 40 new materials available to our MSP network. These MSP assets were designed to help you win more business, improve the customer experience, and increase your expertise and skillset as a Matterport Service Partner.

We'd like to solicit your feedback as we gear up to create more new materials. What would you like to see created that you could leverage?

Let us know here!



  • For those that haven't downloaded the materials, they can be found here:

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  • Hi Sibyl,

    I can't reach the materials... Incorrect password... Is the password same as community password?

    Thank you!


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  • Hi @alvarosantamarina,

    The password for the MSP page should have been sent to you with your MSP acceptance email. If you don't have that, please contact and let them know the email used when you signed up for the program.

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  • The marketing materials are great! Thanks so much for providing them!

    I do Matterport scans for real estate agents. I would like to see an info sheet for me to give to the agents on how to use their Matterport scan (how to present to a buyer, how to use VR, how to get more views by sharing to social media, etc.).


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