FORBES on "The Future of Real Estate Marketing...."

Hi Matterport Community,

For those that might have missed out, I wanted to share the Forbes article that came out today highlighting Matterport's technology. You can read it here:

Forbes originally reached out to us and expressed an interest in writing a story about Matterport. We shipped them a camera for a test trial a few weeks back and were told they wanted the exact same unboxing experience as any other customer. We weren't sure what they thought, but when the article came out today, it was encouraging to see the positive reception.

In truth, this article not only points to the great work of those that work at Matterport, but all the innovative and creative customers in our Community (MSPs, brokers/agents, those in Travel & Hospitality, AEC, and more) who give us valuable feedback and input.

We are grateful and appreciative of our Community which is such an important part of our success. This wouldn't be possible without you.

If you enjoy the Forbes article, please consider sharing it with friends!

Thank you so much,


On behalf of the Matterport Family



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  • Fantastic article. Very balanced, great overview. I appreciated that Adams talked about two experiences he had -- some trial and error -- and that he, as a software engineer, had to be clever to accomplish his goals.

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