MSP Referals - are they registered?

Hello @MP-Scott

Last week I received an email from a Realtor indicating he had been given my contact details by Matterport referral. You can imagine; I was quite excited - my first referral. However, the really curious thing is that after many attempts to contact him by reply email and phone I have yet to have any actual contact; for no apparent reason. Are you aware if any other MSP has experienced this? What are the rules regarding 'sharing' the referrals in an area?



UPDATE 29 March 2017. It has been 5 months since I posted this. In that time I have had a few more referrals. Sadly However, I am 0 for 7. 3 of 7 in distant cities - not geographically viable. 3 of 7 simply haven't responded to my calls and emails. 1 is a technology company considering technology mash / API with Matterport. The jury is out on that one. One distant enquiry did tell me they had submitted 2 days before I got the referral.



  • Hi there @simonmodera, we do have leads sometimes fall off. We do our best to validate them and only send the most serious. We're also developing some recommendations about best to engage with leads -- more on that soon!

    As for your sharing of referrals, can you tell me more? I'm not sure I follow.

  • Hi @MP-Scott

    My apologies for being obscure. Perhaps this is best asked in a few parts:

    1. When referrals are provided to an enquirer how many MSP contacts are provided?

    2. How is the geography / distance determined for referrals?

    3. If there are multiple MSPs in the geographic area how are MSPs selected, is it on a rotation?

    4. If the referrals do not result in any transaction how will this impact any referral process / rotation?



  • I have a high % of my MSP referrals not respond too. It's really odd. I make my best effort to be friendly, professional and prompt with responses.

  • Hi there all! Two things:

    1.) We're testing different lead sources, and tracking which are most productive. Our goal is to find the largest number of strong, responsive leads and give them to you. We're evaluating each of the channels, and determining which give the best results.

    2.) If it's useful, our next webinar on November 9 will have info about improving lead conversion and a few other related topics -- details soon! Contact us at if you have questions!

  • @mp-scott What markets is Matteport actively marketing to because I have yet to see a lead in Miami ( South Florida) in over 9 months. The only two leads I received where cold by the time they got to me. Has anyone received a lead that converted I would like to see how many people raise their hands.

  • @Rick Lozano: I can confirm that Miami is a market we are actively targeting to generate leads for our MSPS. You can check it out here:

  • I was referred two MSP leads and both converted. I have however not seen a lead in several months (North Bay, California)

  • I actually received a lead this week, looks like it went cold ..

  • @Matterport-kelly I shared the link in my social network, figure I can help out. You guys should consider a replicated landing page for MSP's that basically replicate this but make it personalized.

  • We make it a point to call them immediately upon receiving the lead - drop everything and start dialing. I think if you don't get the first touch they are on looking at other options. So if you are not responding immediately - try that on your next one.

  • @wayne We spoke same day so its not cold from staying put, I think he was a looker lol


  • I agree with @wayne. I have been told by a few that they left their enquiry with Matterport up to 3 days previously. MP said they would improve this.

    I am 0 for 6 so far. 4 in small towns quite a distance away. 2of6 may still surface; a general enquiry (out of town plus a ferry ride) and the other is still looking to see if they can hook up with their technology with APIs.

  • Why is Matterport so against using their MSPs' to help market the product. I think our combined bandwidth is broader and more relevant than broad profiling. If we have a direct benefit from marketing the Matterport brand then I see no reason to do so, but when everything looks one sided the scale is going to tilt. I can sell cameras and so can all of the MSP's in the world, give us the $900 that you are discounting and we will sell them. I would like to hear some MSP's thoughts on this point. I see a waste of good talent form people that already share the vision.

  • @MP-Scott While I have had similar issues, I understand customers are fickle, and leads grow cold, or people just aren't serious. But I did have had several referrals now with no phone numbers, and the latest one I received had a bad email, and when I reached out to this email the message was returned undelivered.

    Having reached out to a MSP before becoming one myself, I thought that the telephone numbers were required for contact. I can't remember now. Either way, receiving an email that is not valid in this case "Address not found" is problematic, and I kind of feel a little let down that the email wasn't verified before it was sent. Also a little weird is that the email I received was from a .it (Italy?) domain. I'm in Oklahoma, so I find it a little strange that an Italian would be connecting with me. (Unless of course they wanted me to do something for a project in Rome, I have no problem flying. :)

    Now, I know that there's no way to completely validate email, and I know that the end user can do all kinds of things to remove their email prior to me sending out information. But, is there any email validation that is performed before service partner connection emails are sent out? Like a registration, "click to confirm" link prior to sending out the notices to the partners?

  • Hi @ab- thanks for reaching out! I did a little digging and have some answers for you.

    1. We do not require phone number on our forms. After surveying leads, majority preferred to be connected with an MSP via email, which is why we require the email field as mandatory but leave the phone field as optional. We cc both the MSP and the lead on the introductory email to increase the chances of conversion.

    2. For email addresses: we can only go off of the information submitted by the lead. Sometimes in these scenarios, a lead may incorrectly type their information. But I can check with our developer to see if there's a way to build in logic where our system recognizes a faulty email address and will hold off on sending the match emails.

    3. For your lead with the Italy email domain: we run our matches based on city, country, and zip of scan submitted. The location information submitted by the lead was for Coffeyville, Kansas. Your service location is listed for about 70 miles away from there, which is why you were matched! :)

    Hope this is helpful!

  • @matterport-kelly Great! I figured there would be a good reason for these things. My wife has a Brazilian domain for her email, so I wasn't terribly concerned. It was that the email was determined to not exist that was my major concern. Glad to know you're looking into it.

  • Thank you for sharing! I love the idea for a unique and co-brandable landing page. I will discuss internally with our team.

  • Hi Rick - we are not against using MSPs to help market at all, and agree that we are stronger together! We are here to support our network and I think a referral program is a great idea. Again, another item to discuss internally with our team as we map out 2017 initiatives for our MSP network. Keep the ideas comin!

  • All the MSP referrals i have received i believe to be people Phishing to see if their are other companies offering matterport services in there area

  • The leads I have received have been valid and only one did not turn into a job. I had another that decided to use my photography and a virtual tour, so I gave her the Matterport model for free because it was the first in her area. So I count it , even though it was free, because I ended up with a good paying job.

  • The Miami map needs to be expanded to the tri-county area. I have received like 3 or 4 Matterport leads but so far 0 have converted.

  • A lot of our MSP leads don't pan out. The first question they ask is about price. We are priced competitively but a lot of them were thinking of spending $50. That's not going to happen, so we don't mind if they vanish. Many other MSP leads have produced good customers.

  • This has happened to me several times too.

  • I'm a fan of how Google Street View has operated. It's dirt simple. I see who my competitors are, there are links to our respective homepages and Google can be hands off with handling the referrals.

  • Same here no lead conversion i think i am 4 for 4 in little over a year.

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