Trying to understand long-term hosting

I don't think I fully understand how long-term hosting works. I would really appreciate an overview of what I might be charged for hosting models for multiple years. I have one client that has 20+ models (some as small as 3 to 5 scans per model), that are being hosted and count against my monthly "subscription plan". The company wants them hosted "forever" but eventually, I'm going to run up against my "subscription limit". Will I be charged a fee annually on the anniversary of their "uploading"? If so, how can I know what this will cost me? I'm wanting to know what to tell clients that expect me to host their models "forever". I was thinking of setting up this client with their own Matterport account but even at the cheapest plan that's $500/year.....forever (and a bit more if I add a small fee for my time to manage their account).



  • Hi there @corny2000! Good question -- this idea of long-term/indefinite hosting is coming up more frequently, and we're looking into a few ways to make this easier for everyone involved. Until we get there, though, I'd love to hear thoughts from the Community on this!

    ...In regards to upload/processing charges, those only happen when the model is created. So, no, you won't have to worry about any anniversary/additional processing charges.

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  • Hi @corny I'm glad you brought this up due to its long term impact. For me, being able to allow a purchaser to maintain a playable file on their own computer/server would be ideal. It would assure them of having it for long-term usage and they would have it in case an MSP went out of business. I envision MP would still want it to be played through an MP based app/system.

    Currently, MP does not have any knowledge of whom the actual purchaser/end user is. In the case of an MSP ending their business, merging with another, bought out, etc.; the purchaser/end user may find themselves without their Space maintained and/or deleted without their knowledge. Which likely would result, in many cases, them contacting MP.

    Also, the less I need to do in accounting/billing recurring annual charges the better for me.

    In relation to charging for hosting 'indefinitely', I've found it's the one BIG negative when presenting a scan job for a facility that requires long-term hosting. With the ability now to create Spaces with 360 Views and link together via an MTag, there are going to be more 'smaller' models. Community living centers, convention sites, senior living, etc. may have from 3-10+ Spaces and convincing them to pay an annual hosting fee for each Space is not an easy sell. Especially if the organization has several/many communities they own.

    My agreement with my clients is to host the Space free, for one year. Currently I do not charge for those that are over a year, but will need to do so if/when hosting fees start.

    I'd prefer to be able to offer a client an alternative -

    A) Free hosting for one year - after that the file is deleted

    B) Pay to host on MP's server 'indefinitely' (which might be a reasonable/one time fee).

    C) Pay a one-time fee (slightly lower) to be able to download the file. For me, and I would think for MP, the more I can get the purchaser to take responsibility for their file maintenance - the less headaches MP and I will have in the future.

    Some MSP's look at long-term hosting fees as an income generator. We are not (and maybe it's a mistake). We look at the original scan fees for the bulk of income and add-on options like the Highlight Reel, MTags, Floorplans and now 360 Views to generate the 'extra' income.

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  • This something that I considered when purchasing the camera. and it was the only thing that nearly prevented my purchasing the device. I finally took the view that the camera would probably pay for itself if I was savvy enough to sell the service and that Matterport would come up with a long-term solution in the interim.......I'm an optimist at heart ;-)

    My thinking was that after a year a model should 'drop off' the subscription plan and should no longer count on the limit. However I appreciate that that may cause issues for Matterport in the longer term with server space etc. and still doesn't give us the supplier or the client control and/or peace of mind that we will have the model in perpetuity.

    The potential of Matterport or successors deleting the model or the player is real. I was part of a company in 2000 that closed it's doors after a few years and subsequently anyone who had used the online player supplied by the company to display content developed using our software lost that content.

    So another suggestion.

    After a year we could receive an email from Matterport telling us that the model has been hosted for a year and that we can now download the model and host the player and model on our own servers if we desire. Maybe a small charge could accompany that if Matterport want to monetize that but perhaps a small licence fee for the player would be more appropriate?

    I'm sure there would be some way of maintaining a link to Matterport if they wished to keep certain models for viewing.

    That way we can have some comfort in the long-term that models are available for clients and we could free up space on our Matterport subscriptions. @MP-Scott

    Any other thoughts?

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  • Great feedback, @David Hothersall! I'm passing this entire thread to more Matterport folks on this end.

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  • Scott,

    I just found this thread from last year. Any movement from Matterports side on this? Is there a long-term solution? Also - is there a plan being put in place for allowing downloads of these 3D models outside of Matterport? I have the same concern as mentioned above, if Matterport has an issue in the future (tech, financial, etc) we would risk losing our models. Is there any discussion on allowing a platform for persnal ownership and storage of these models?

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  • Nothing yet in this area, @Bryson. Though I do personally believe there will be more hosting options available at some point, I have no idea what that will look like. I have not yet heard of the ability to download 360's or pano data from the Space in the cloud, but that's not to say something isn't in the pipeline.

    Sorry I don't have anything truly positive to report at this time.

    - Amir

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  • Just checking in to see if there was any further updates with long term hosting or personal ownership of models? Many of my clients will be using their 3D scans for years to come and I want to make sure I am offering them exactly that. Thanks!

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  • Hi Ashley,

    We're are working on the two hosting options you mention. Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA on when they might be released yet. Once they're ready, we'll post announcements in the weekly newsletter.

    Thank you!

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  • Just checking in to see if there were any further updates?


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    Hi Wrobinson869

    You said...

    Some MSP's look at long-term hosting fees as an income generator. We are not (and maybe it's a mistake). 

    I'm one of those MSP's and I think it's a mistake not to charge ongoing hosting fees for clients that want the model to be live indefinitely - like a hotel or restaurant.

    I come from the software industry and that is they way it's done for all business software. I tell them it's a subscription model just like your cell phone, gym membership or software (Microsoft 365)

    A great example is what (I believe) Matterport uses to host all our models: Amazon Web Services. Amazon, too, has evolved beyond its core e-commerce platform to support the on-demand delivery of cloud-based IT resources and applications, offering pay-as-you-go pricing options.

    Sell the value - If they are getting value, they might like initially like it, but they understand. 



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