POI for CoreVR

Is there a Beta available for POI in CoreVR?



  • Hi @reidsantabarbara,

    I'm sorry, but there is no Beta program available for CoreVR at this time.

  • Thanks Amir,

    Do you know any specifics about POI integration timeline? Are there opportunities for MSPs to test builds?

  • Again, I have to apologize. I have not heard of any POI integration in VR. If you can let me know where you heard of this, I may be able to do some digging and get more info for you.



  • My apologies for not being more specific, I thought I read that Mattertag for CoreVR was being developed but not yet released. I am very interested in this functionality and wondering if you have any more details on the release of this feature? I briefly looked for where I originally read this, but I haven't found it yet. If it doesn't ring a bell, I will dig a bit deeper.


  • Hello @reidsantabarbara

    I can say yes, we are working to bring Mattertag Posts to VR. That said, we do not yet have a timeline for this.

    Truthfully, the difficulty in bringing Mattertag Posts to VR is much more of a User Experience issue than a technical one. Simply rending text is not that difficult. Finding a way to do it that will work 100% of the time in VR with all of the unique spaces that exist and with all of the different VR hardware is a little more chalenging.

    So while I can say we are working on them, I cannot say for sure when Mattertag Posts will become available.

    I hope this information helps.


    Keith S.

    Matterport VR

  • Hi Keith, @Matterport-VR

    Thank you so much for the detailed response! I have the bandwidth to experiment with very specific instances of Mattertag Posts within VR, and would be happy to do so in the next few weeks. Right now it's a bit of a closed wall garden, I'm not really sure how to begin. Could I enroll through the developer program to start experimenting with these features?



  • Hello @reidsantabarbara

    We are currently not running any external beta testing for Mattertag Posts in VR. And truthfully it may be a while before we are to that point. That said, if you are interested in being a part of future beta testing in general, you can reach out to beta [at] matterport [dot] com for more information.


    Keith S.

    Matterport VR

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