Reshoot just one specific room

I have a full space that I recently uploaded and it came out great. However, I noticed something in the room that I didn't like and I want to go back there and reshoot that one specific room. Can I just reshoot the room and upload the space again? If so, how do I do that?



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  • Yes, you can easily add scans to an existing capture! Here are my recommendations:

    • Do your rescan in similar outdoor lighting and weather conditions so that the new photography is consistent with the existing photography.
    • Open the capture app, tap Edit, and select your model. Next, tap Duplicate, then Duplicate Model. This makes a local copy of the model. Keep this copy until you are satisfied with your changes.
    • Open the original model (not the copy) and connect your camera
    • Position your camera and rescan the room. Make sure to scan outside the room if those shots captured any undesirable images
    • You have the option to delete your existing scan locations in the Capture app, but once you delete them they are gone. Instead, keep them and just add the new scans. You can then hide them in Workshop.
    • Upload your original model. Since it is an existing model, there will not be any processing fee

    When you upload the revised model, it creates a new space in your Matterport cloud. You will have to recreate all snapshots, Mattertags, labeling, start location, name and summary, highlight reel, and measurments. Your original space will remain in your Matterport cloud. Hold on to this model until you've rebuilt any changes, and are satisfied with them. You can keep the original space or not depending on your needs.

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