How does SEO works for a realtor's website when using Matterport tours?

What is the best way to answer questions from customers in regards SEO? I had a customer (real estate agent) asking how can he improve his website's SEO if the links to the Matterport tours are run from Matterport's site, so he understand that Matterport's SEO will increase, but he was wondering what happens to his website's SEO? Is there any explanation / sales argument for this?



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  • I use WP3D models for my tours. They are still hosted on Matterport's website/server. I use vanity urls and forward them to a link on my website. So my site gets a little seo boost from them going from the vanity url, mine and then to Matterport's site.

    I would ask him what kind of seo value they are getting now? Is this Matterport tour going to make or break them from a seo standpoint? My point is their seo is going to be the same with or without the tour. They can use the iframe and put it directly on their site but it isn't going to move them up to the first page of Google. Tell them the more scans you do for them, the more they can put on the site and the more seo benefit they receive.

    Now assume we are talking about real estate and realtors. You use the method like I said about hosting single property websites on your site and buy a custom url for it. If the realtor does their job and properly markets that scan and house, you get the benefit of this on your site along with Matterport. This is compounded if you do several a week and the realtor really pushes the scans on social media. You are getting tons of traffic that normally wouldn't be searching or going to your site because they are looking for homes and you are selling Matterport services. Google doesn't know they are basically passing through and it thinks they have an interest in your site.

    What I find about the people I scan for is that they magically think it is going to sell the house by posting on Facebook just once. The result is maybe 100-200 views. Every so often I will get one that reaches a couple of 1000's. I rarely tell anyone that I know how many times the scan has been seen because I don't want them thinking it is a waste of money! I have some that don't reach 50!

    When I encounter crazy question, I feel out the situation but it is usually their way of giving reasons they don't want to use the technology. I like the question "why would I want to use this when I sell houses all the time without it?". I looked up done of his listings and he uses cell phone pictures on MLS. Then I asked someone if he was that good to get listings, use crappy pictures and be a grumpy old man? They replied no he just gets listings because he tells them he is going to save them money by splitting 3% commission with the buyers agent. Talk about old school? These people are usually the older ones and I figured out pretty quick not to do a sales pitch to them.

    I hope this helps and I didn't ramble on too long.

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