Workshop appears Clunky from initial impressions

As a new matterport user, here are my thoughts on workshop usability that may be obvious to experienced users but not to me, so apologies if a lot of this is just something that I should already know. It's just on first impressions. It seems a lot of what I've done when creating highlight reel appears to be just done by accident rather than through proper method. I believe the 'hero' image that is talked about should have a separate box to drop the image in to. Currently I understand I can only get this if it's the first image I've taken? The dolls house view is the way of grabbing people's attention so the hero image should display first, then the 'dolls house' view is displayed and we should be able to choose the 'flight' to the starting point. (Say from above the ceiling in the second floor at a certain angle to the start position) it would also be great if we could select the time length of the 'flight' so viewers don't miss it, as I believe it's too fast at the moment for viewers to understand what is happening before it lands at the start position. On another note and not related to workshop I believe the little blocky 'dollhouse' icon is not significant for people to understand what it is let alone click on it. This 'dollshouse' view is the main unique feature to distinguish between this and the usual run of the mill 360 tour but I don't think the average person understand what the icon is (as it's very small and hidden anyway when they're navigating the space) What are your thoughts on this?



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  • Hello Simon,

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, i look forward to reading the replies from the other community members.

    I wanted to chime in regarding your question about setting the hero image. In an unedited space this is set to a default view of the dollhouse, however, once you set a starting point, this image will update to an image of the starting location. While the system will automatically set the starting point, and therefore the hero image, to the first snapshot taken, you can also select a different image from the snapshot list within the workshop tool. Check out the document linked below for more details regarding the process for setting the start point:

    Lastly i would like to add that the starting point and hero image setting are completely independent from the highlight reel. What i mean is that they can both begin in different locations. Here is a link to a support article with a quick overview of the highlight reel feature:



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